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Interview with Actress Chanté Bowser

Actress Chante Bowser
Written by Gianna Brighton

We had the pleasure of meeting the dynamic Chanté Bowser and wanted to find out more about this electric personality! We got a chance to get her personal observations and to find out more.

Chanté is a bi-coastal award-winning actress, writer, and an attorney who hails from Virginia Beach.  It was no surprise to learn that Chanté has quite a history of great roles. She has been seen on CBS’ Under The Dome, Lee Daniels’ Star, Fox’s Lethal Weapon, TV One’s Born Again Virgin and Lifetime’s Faith Under Fire as Toni Braxton’s daughter.

chante bowser
Actor Chante Bowser

Chanté’s next projects include a supporting role in Best of Enemiesagainst Academy Award-Nominated Actress Taraji P. Henson and Academy Award-Winning Actor Sam Rockwell, in theatres April 2019, the family-friendly movie Dally & Spanky with The Descendants star, Brenna D’Amico, also scheduled to hit theaters in 2019 and she most recently landed a supporting role in the upcoming film, Mirror Mirror, a Bishop John Wynn Production.
Best of Enemies

LATP: What brought about your transition from attorney to actor?Chanté Bowser: Always loved performing.  It was the one time I felt free as a bird, even though I was super shy. And I had always contemplated working in entertainment from undergrad – just not in front of the camera.  Even took classes focusing on entertainment law while in law school. But, as the question was randomly posed to me by a friend during a conversation contemplating my life, why can’t you be in front of the camera?  Aha!  Why can’t I?  So, I decided to try it and see what happened.  My very first audition for the lead of an independent feature – I booked it. I was like – wait, seriously, I got the role?  HA! The next audition – booked that one too.  And once that flame was fueled, it overtook my soul.  I couldn’t breathe if I couldn’t do this.

LATP: What has been your favorite movie or TV role?
Chanté:  Thus far, my favorite TV role would have to be portraying Toni Braxton’s daughter.  I mean, seriously, how many people get to say that?

LATP: What do you credit your success to?
Chanté:  My friends tell me I have a laser focus & that I stay living in gratitude.  All of my earnings get re-invested in classes, workshops, etc., because I never want to stop learning this craft. The more I learn about character development, being grounded, and listening, the more I want to know and grow as an actor.  That ethic reflects in my work which has opened doors for me – for which I stay grateful keeps happening. It’s a marathon not a sprint, so staying focused & grateful are some of the only things I have in my control in this business.

LATP: What are your thoughts for best movie best male and female actor in the upcoming Oscars?
Chanté:  Those are two pretty hard categories to call.  They all gave amazing performances. I don’t envy the Academy voters this year at all.

LATP: Would you like to share some thoughts on your upcoming projects?Chanté: Sure! Dally & Spanky is a great family film about the dog & pony show – Dally & Spanky. If you don’t know who they are, Dally is a Jack Russell terrier and Spanky – her best friend – is a rescue miniature horse. It’s definitely a heartwarming story. Brianna D’Amico (Disney’s “The Descendants”) is the lead of the movie & I portray her teacher.  Really excited to see the movie!!

“John Wynn’s Mirror Mirror” I’m super excited about because I got a chance to play a very multi-dimensional character – First Lady Robin Jones. She is a preacher’s kid who has her own ideas about a first-lady’s role in the church and life. Playing against Vincent Ward (“The Walking Dead) was pretty amazing & I loved matching (and challenging) his energy.  The movie also stars Emmy-winning actress Judi Evans, Tom Sizemore (“Black Hawk Down”, “Saving Private Ryan”), & Noel G. (“Fresh Off the Boat, “The Mule”), so the cast is pretty awesome.  It was the first lead I booked after finishing at UCLA, so prayerfully I made my teachers proud!

And my biggest joy this year is “Best of Enemies” starring Oscar-nominated Actress Taraji P. Henson & Oscar-winning Actor Sam Rockwell.  This movie is what we need right now. Real life change that happened during a time period in America’s history when no one thought that type of change could occur.  I have scenes with both Taraji & Sam, so, of course, I am excited to see how everything translated to the silver screen.  Watching those two masters at work on set was the best class I ever got paid to take! 

LATP: Is there a particular charity you support?
Chanté:  Outside of my tithes, my extras go to charities that support battered women shelters!

LATP: What is your favorite restaurant in Los Angeles?
Chanté:  Sweet Chick is my favorite!

To keep up with Chanté Browser you can go to her Webpage:
Instagram: @chantebowser
Twitter:  @chantebowser

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