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Interview with Celebrity Trainer Scott Malin on His Highly-Successful Malin Method

Interview with Celebrity Trainer Scott Malin on His Highly-Successful Malin Method
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It seems most people these days have problems with chronic pain in their neck, back, elbow, knee, and more! We sit way to long at the desk, too many hours looking at our smart phones and tablets, and have old injuries that were never fully-healed. When these physical issues are not addressed, they continue to get worse for the rest of your life! We spoke with expert Scott Malin, the founder of the Malin Method, a scientifically-backed system that will fully rehabilitate any new or old injury and eliminate chronic pain safely and quickly.

Q: What is the Malin Method?

Scott Malin: The Malin Method is a system of extremely effective, safe and holistic rehab programs you can do at home, without any equipment. Just follow along with me through the easy step- by-step videos on any device. There are programs for the ankle, knee, low back, elbow, wrist and shoulder.

These programs have helped thousands of people around the world get out of pain fully and quickly, whether they have a new injury or years of chronic pain. We are committed to helping people get out of pain so they can live their best life.

Q: What inspired you to create Malin Method?

SM: I had a debilitating low back injury 15 years ago… I was in excruciating pain and laid up in bed for 6 months. I couldn’t do anything. I spent thousands of dollars on specialists and doctors, but nobody could help. I remember one time, I drove 2 hours to see an expert and I cried the whole drive there. I cried in the waiting room. A 4 year-old girl offered me her lollipop and that’s when I knew I hit rock bottom… and I’m not ashamed to admit it… I took the lollipop.

Eventually I realized something… What if the way I was walking, sitting, running and playing sports was causing me pain? Because, if that was the case, then I could do something about it. So, I started studying everything about how the body works and I discovered that I had some postural distortions and muscle imbalances that were compressing the vertebrae in my spine and squeezing the discs and nerves, which caused the intense pain. Once, I started fixing those imbalances, the pain went away.

Interview with Celebrity Trainer Scott Malin on His Highly-Successful Malin Method

After that, I dedicated my life to helping other people get out of pain too. Over the last fifteen years, I’ve worked with celebrities and professional athletes and eventually created very unique and specific rehab techniques that get people out of pain, fully and fast.

Q: Why do so many people suffer from chronic pain?

SM: Well, humans were born to move. Early men and women were running and jumping barefoot, all over the place. Think of Tarzan, swinging from vines and fighting tigers. But nowadays, we walk on cement and wear unnatural shoes… Just think of women teetering in high heels and how much they sacrifice in the name of fashion. Heels cause ankle sprains, knee pain, back pain and even neck pain.

One of the biggest problems is that we sit all day. We sit during our morning commute, at desks, hunched over computers, tablets and phones or playing video games… people are even getting carpal tunnel from swiping right all day on Tinder. All this sitting creates postural distortions and muscle imbalances. Basically, a sedentary lifestyle throws our body out of whack and puts us at great risk for injury and chronic pain.

And even when we move, we play sports that require the same repetitive motion over and over, which creates even more muscle imbalances and postural distortions. It’s no wonder that so many people are in constant pain.

Q: Growing up, I was always told that rest and ice is the best way to treat an injury. Is that true?

SM: The problem with rest and ice is that it assumes that if you just wait it out, your pain will magically go away, but the truth is that injuries do not heal themselves. Even for something as simple as a sprained ankle, the New York Times recently reported that if you don’t heal it properly, you may take up to 2,000 less steps a day, for the rest of your life.

Ice works okay as a short-term pain reliever, because it makes the area go numb, but it doesn’t do anything to actually heal the area. In fact, recent research has shown that it can actually stop the body’s natural healing process. Ice stops the flow of powerful immune cells (called Macrophages) and lymphatic drainage, which is critical for healing.

Look, even Gabe Mirkin, the doctor that created R.I.C.E. (rest, ice, compression and elevation) recently said that “rest and ice may delay healing instead of helping”.

Some rest is important, but just resting and waiting it out does not work. You have to rehabilitate the area to fix the muscle imbalances and improve strength, stability and healthy range of motion.

The Malin Method is a powerful, safe and effective alternative to rest and ice, because it dramatically improves the speed and quality of the healing process in three easy steps.

First, you will learn how to naturally promote the flow of healthy blood and nutrients into the inured area, which is absolutely essential for healing.

Then, you will learn how to remove all the harmful waste, debris and scar tissue that may have accumulated in the injured area.

Finally, you will learn how to rebuild the muscles all around the injured area… We go step by step, in order to significantly increase strength, stability and healthy range of motion.

Interview with Celebrity Trainer Scott Malin on His Highly-Successful Malin Method
Scott Malin, creator of the Malin Method

Scott Malin is a celebrity trainer and best-selling author. Scott’s extremely popular fitness, rehab and nutrition videos have received 10 million views on YouTube Scott has been featured on the news as a fitness expert and most recently appeared on ABC, KTLA News and KDOC TV.


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