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The Disaronno® Icon Project Presents Disaronno® by Trussardi

Written by Shawn Martin

The Disaronno® Icon Project Presents Disaronno® by Trussardi, just in time for the holidays.

Disaronno® treats its spirits like a work of art. That includes the distinctive bottle that is instantly recognizable to connoisseurs of fine drink. The Disaronno® Icon Project is the annual grand reveal of its limited edition bottle, an annual collaborative effort with another celebrated brand to create a new look for the vessel that contains its heralded Italian liqueur.

“For years the Disaronno® Limited Edition bottle has marked an annual highlight, referencing and increasing our brand’s visibility,” says Augusto Reina, Illva Saronno Holding CEO. ” Disaronno® is appreciated across the globe as an emblem of Italian style, and this year we are proud to make a particularly classy, elegant statement with a graphic design that fully reflects our perfectly modern essence.”

Disaronno® Icon project, Disaronno® by Trussardi

Disaronno® Icon project, Disaronno® by Trussardi

Disaronno® by Trussardi is a stunning intersection of impeccable style and finely crafted libations. Since 1911, the name Trussardi has been synonymous with elegance and innovation. The Trussardi Group has built an international reputation with the unparalleled quality of its luxury leather goods. It’s two lines, Trussardi and Trussardi Jeans encompasses everything from accessories and bags to shoes and ready to wear.

“The Trussardi story is very much about innovation, discovery, the concept of fusion. In addition to strengthening the bond between two companies that epitomize the Italian spirit worldwide, designing the iconic Disaronno® bottle underscores once again that Trussardi continues to be a 360° lifestyle brand,” says Tomaso Trussardi, CEO of Trussardi.

With the Disaronno® Icon project, the Italian fashion house strikes an exquisite balance between timeless style and contemporary flair. Adapting its trademark leather texture to the unique lines of the Disaronno bottle, Trussardi accents its classic greyhound logo with delicate brushstrokes of blue, green, and fuchsia.

Disaronno® wears Trussardi arrives just in time for the gift-giving season. Collectors of the Icon Project will be thrilled to learn that not only is the limited edition bottle available but Disaronno® has also incorporated the Trussardi design into mini-bottles and gift boxes. The mini bottles are adorned in matching styles and come in sets of three. The Limited Edition Collection gift box contains the 750mL bottle and six miniature bottles. The Celebrate in Style gift box includes two champagne flutes, encouraging the lucky recipient to enjoy holiday cheer with someone special.

Everything is priced to fit holiday budgets. The 750mL Disaronno® bottle retails for 24.99, the mini bottles are available in sets of three for $9.99 and the Celebrate in Style gift box sells for $34.99.

Disaronno® has created a cocktail to christen its creative partnership with Trussardi. The Disaronno® Sparkling combines 1-part Disaronno® and 3 parts Prosecco, garnished with a sprig of current. The drink is delectable and well within the range of amateur mixologists. The Disaronno® Sparkling will add the requisite spark to holiday get-togethers and intimate evenings at home.


DISARONNO® is the world’s favorite Italian liqueur with distribution in more than 160 countries.


First established in Bergamo in 1911 Trussardi is recognized worldwide as a lifestyle brand known for its excellence, tradition and unique style. Always evolving, the brand portfolio has expanded with different product categories, such as sunglasses, fragrances, watches, childrenswear, bespoke menswear, and furnishing.

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