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The GBK Pre-Oscars Celebrity Lounge at the Elegant St. Supéry Tasting Salon

GBK Pre-Oscars Celebrity Lounge
Written by Jane Emery

GBK presented the 2018 GBK Pre-Oscars Celebrity Lounge, which took place at the St. Supéry Tasting Salon on Rodeo Drive in Beverly Hills the weekend of the Oscars. GBK is not only known for its lavish gifting suites, but also its giving suites. There were two very worthy non-profits that were being supported:

The GAIN Foundation
The Global Alliance for Improved Nutrition (GAIN) is focused on finding solutions to end malnutrition within our lifetimes. Around 3.5 billion people– HALF the people on the planet today, are malnourished. Every single year, malnutrition kills 3.1 million children under the age of five, and leaves 159 million stunted, trapping generations in lives of poverty and unfulfilled potential.

GAIN & Route 91 Strong
Route 91 Strong
Out of the shooting tragedy that occurred in Las Vegas, was borne to provide financial resources to all families impacted by shooting, and longterm, to support families of the victims of other tragedies, inluding the Texas church shooting.

The GBK Pre-Oscar Celebrity Lounge Sponsors included:

Il PilatoIl
GBK Oscar Lounge Sponsor Palato Italiano provided tastings of their delicious authentic Italian cuisine. One of the things they offer is catering. They gifted a private dinner for up to 16 people. (Value: $10,000). Palato Italiano is an international club committed to raising awareness of Italian culinary arts through cultural activities and selected products.

GE Lighting
Smart living…the future is here: GE Lighting’s C by GE brand Lights the Way You Live with outcome-driven, all-in-one lighting solutions to solve real-world challenges and tap into new potential at home, enabling homeowners to do more and be better. They gifted their GE Lighting’s C by GE Sol, an all-in-one smart light with a sleek modern design that has the features, functionality, and voice control of Amazon Alexa. Part of the GE Lighting portfolio, C by GE products build on the company’s century of innovation, invention and imagination at work. “Our deep understanding of the home and our expertise in the connectivity of things results in simple, connected designs to help people thrive.”

GE Lighting’s C by GE Sol

GE Lighting’s C by GE Sol

Diamonds International gifted the “Safi Kilima Tanzanite bolo bracelet” at the gifting lounge. This stylish bracelet features five tantalizing oval tanzanite stones joined by an infinity motif and finished with a unique sliding adjustable clasp. (Value: $200) The Tanzanite International was founded in 2010. Safi Kilima Tanzanite is a global leader in tanzanite. It is the only area in the world where this precious gem can be found!

Oscar-winning actress Viola Davis

Oscar-winning actress Viola Davis

The premier brand is exclusive to Diamonds International and Tanzanite International stores– the largest tax and duty free jewelry retailer in the Caribbean, Mexico and Alaska. In 2017, Tanzanite celebrated its 50th anniversary and the timeless quality, superior grade and value that has become synonymous with the rare, blue and violet colored stone. For more info, go to:

St. Supery
The St. Supéry Estate Tasting Salon is open daily through August 2018. We invite guests to choose from one of our featured wine flights, interactive wine experiences or enjoy a glass of wine while seated at an intimate bistro table overlooking N. Rodeo Drive. Gifting a VIP Tasting ecperience to their Napa Vineyards.

The St. Supéry Estate Tasting Salon on Rodeo Drive Beverly Hills

The St. Supéry Estate Tasting Salon on Rodeo Drive Beverly Hills

The Artisan Group has created a great opportunity for artisans of jewelry, art, body, bath products and more to expand and attain exposure  in a way they normally wouldn’t have the opportunity to do. The Artisan Group gifted the celebrities a collection of handcrafted jewelry and accessories, spa and bath products, candles, fine art, a perfume kit, and other handmade gifts created by small business artisans around the world (value: $1000), many of which end up being worn by the celebrities on their TV shows and films.

The Artisan Group

Bouvery LLC has produced the most incredibly delicious chocolate vodka ‘Bouvery CV, a luxurious dark chocolate vodka made with gluten free vodka and organic fair trade cocoa. Produced in CT USA at a family owned craft distillery using only the finest ingredients, hand bottled and numbered in small batch. Celebs were gifted a 375ml bottle of Bouvery CV (Chocolate Vodka) in a BCV branded velvet bag. (Value: $40)

Susan Sarandon approved of Bouvery

Susan Sarandon approved of Bouvery

My Sky Moment
The exact depiction of what the night sky looked like on the exact date and at the exact location of your significant event. My Sky Moment packages are created to honor birthdays, weddings, anniversaries, a memorable moonlit night, or any occasion that is meaningful to you. Every memory is unique and irreplaceable, much like the night sky. This sky map allows for your most important memories to live on forever. Using top quality printing and charting techniques, we have created the My Sky Moment personalized star chart as a meaningful remembrance of the most special moments in your life. This print of the night sky is quickly and expertly created on heavy photo stock paper with professional custom framing available to suit any décor. (Value: $90-180)

Viola Davis with My Sky Moment

Viola Davis with My Sky Moment

Nanocueticals Solution gifted clinically proven Nano-sized Sublingual Glutathione, which has been proven to be absorbed into your body more efficiently.  Glutathione is capable of preventing damage to important cellular components caused by reactive oxygen species such as free radicals, peroxides, and heavy metals. They are manufactured in the USA at their FDA-registered facility that produces the highest quality of Oral Nutraceutical, Vitamin, and Supplement products improving the quality of life for their customers by unlocking the true potential of Nanotechnology.

Nanocueticals Solution  at the GBK pre Oscar celebrity lounge

ADM is partnering with GBK to bring Chinese products to the U.S. market, and offering celebrities a 4-night stay at a 5-star hotel, as well as a VIP Experience during their ADM Conference in November. (Value: $2000)

Healing Salt gave a gift certificate valued at $350 for any Healing Salt Cave for any location of The Healing Salt Cave Halotherapy Wellness Centre and Holistic Spa in Canada & the United States. The Wellness Centre offers various types of salt therapies and holistic treatments for an all body rejuvenating and relaxation experience. They claim that it helps individuals with asthma, allergies, bronchial infections, pneumonia, COPD and cystic fibrosis.

Actor Joe Reitman with Salt Caves

Actor Joe Reitman with Salt Caves

OG Hot Sauce is a Spicy Authentic All-Purpose Hot Sauce. OG Hot Sauce can be the perfect compliment to your favorite foods. OG Hot Sauce “ The Flavor Is Best Because It’s Fresh. (Value: $24)

Botched Dr. Paul Nassif

Botched Dr. Paul Nassif with OG Hot Sauce

NICA Travel
ICA Travel gifted a 3-Days, 2-Nights in the historical city of Granada at Hotel Plaza Colon for two people that includes Boat Tour and Island Hopping at the archipelago of Lake Nicaragua, Traditional Island Lunchin Isletas sii Granada, Volcano Crater View Night Tour of Volcan Masaya to see the boiling Lava, Walking Tour through historical cathedrals, Coffee Plantation Tour, and a Goodbye Dinner at the famous Calle La Calzada in downtown Granada. (Value: $2800)

John Kelly Chocolates
Real deal rich chocolate! All natural ingredients. Silky deliciousness melts in your mouth. Small batch, handcrafted award-winning chocolates carried at luxury retailers nationwide. John gifted an 8-piece assortment box. These are large pieces! Pure indulgement and delight. (Value: $33.00)

John Kelly chocolates

Founder John Kelly

Pinn, LLC – No need to retrieve your phone from your purse or backpack. Bluetooth-enabled Pinn clips anywhere and its easy-to-read LED display and powerful combined microphone/earbud keep you always-connected to your mobile phone’s key features. (Value: $379)

Dagoma USA – Dagoma allows each of us to become local producers of everyday items through the easy to use 3D printer for the whole family, NEVA. (Value: $420)

Dagona USA 3D Printer

Dagona USA 3D Printer

Living in GRATITUDE Today
Be grateful for what you have.  Living in GRATITUDE Today offers practical tools to make it easy for people to start a GRATITUDE practice as a means to find more joy, happiness and love, and in their life exactly the way it is right now. The gifted #GRATEFUL shirts and AFFIRMAITION bracelets which serve as reminders to look for the good in your life exactly the way your life is right now. (Value: $35)

Nikki Leigh, actor, model, influencer

Nikki Leigh, actor, model, influencer

Woodchuck USA was founded with a simple mission, put nature back into peoples’ lives. We are meant to have a deep connection with the Earth, and we want to be a daily reminder of that with our real wood products. It’s also important to us to bring jobs back to America, while bringing quality products back to consumers. With every product sold, we plant a tree. It’s our way of making a better world for future generations. It’s not about us, it’s about our planet and how we can make a difference now. Gifted customized sets, engraved on-site. (Value: $150)

Actor Wes Studi with Woodchuck USA

Actor Wes Studi (rt)

BOPULENT – Handmade custom fit jewelry, made in California. (Value: $1000)

Surf Air – Round-trip, private jet charter anywhere in California. (Value: $1600).

Texere Silk – New England Mercantile Group, LLC is a Connecticut-based global sourcing company offering apparel, accessories, and home goods made from natural, renewable plant resources. TexereSilk is gifting 100% silk pillowcases and a voucher for one free item from their website. (Value: $180)

coMra Palm
A simple and effective personal device for your health needs, based on established medical technology. Relieves pain, repairs injured tissue and nerves, restores vitality and stamina so that you can enjoy life. Every Day! (Value: $399.00)

Woodhouse Spa The Woodhouse is a 5-star luxury spa experience – a spacation. Gifted a luxury spa experience of $1000. and showcased their line of skin care products (Value: $1000)

Leslie Zemeckis - "Mabel, Mabel, Tiger Trainer"

Leslie Zemeckis – “Mabel, Mabel, Tiger Trainer”

Cambria Beauty meets inspiration where land meets the sea at the new Cambria® Gallery – Manhattan Beach. Innovative Cambria applications include a kitchen, bar, conference room, and multiple office spaces. A private conference room is available with plenty of room to spread out plans and discuss the design of your space. The new gallery is also a delightful spot to host events with a roomy deck overlooking the ocean. Gifting $5000 towards a kitchen renovation. (Value: $5,000)

Swanky Retreats, the magazine that takes readers traveling outside the obvious, is partnering up with multiple locations to treat the celebrities with the gift of relaxation and travel. The Hilton Puerto Vallarta is gifting two-nights at their all-inclusive resort set amidst the Bay of Banderas beaches, one of Puerto Vallarta’s most iconic locations. Swanky Retreats is also offering a choice of 2-night Portugal stays (Nau Hotel, Hilton Villa Moura, Real Marina Hotel & Spa Santa Eulalia) to accommodate every travel personality. Value: $1200 Each)

Doc Rivers

Doc Rivers

Shapa is a display free scale with unique combination of novel hardware and consumer/enterprise platform with a user-friendly app to analyze, track and motivate the insured person and the entire family toward healthy lifestyle changes. (Value: $146)

Bar None
Bar None Foods was founded in 2012 in Portland, Oregon with the goal of offering clean, wholesome, and allergen-free food products. Sampler boxes of our nutrition bars in five flavors. (Value: $15)

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