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From China to Hollywood – Multi-talented Actress Shudan Wang

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Could Shudan Wang be the next ‘Bond Girl?’ That’s the question echoing around Hollywood. Strikingly beautiful and amazingly talented in dozens of disciplines, most will be shocked if she doesn’t play a major role in a Bond movie. A concert pianist at age five, exceptional martial artist with weapons mastery, kick-boxer, professional speaker, musician, aerial acrobat, brilliant actress and so much more, Shudan Wang brings a unique combination of skills to the film world, and Hollywood is paying attention! This is her story

“If it can be better, it is not good enough!” Those powerful words were spoken by one of Hollywood’s fastest rising stars, Shudan Wang.

Beautiful extraordinary actress Shudan Wang

Beautiful and extraordinary actress Shudan Wang

“My family always expected excellence from me.”  Shudan told a group of entertainment industry professionals. She glanced around the room, and in a humble but obviously proud manner added, “So far, I have not disappointed them.” Everyone smiled, knowing that they had just shared a bonding moment with a unique, extraordinarily talented lady.

By age five, Shudan Wang had captivated audiences, won several awards and garnered many wonderful reviews and accolades as a concert pianist. Yes, a five-year-old concert pianist! We asked Shudan if she was a child prodigy. “Many people think that,” Shudan answered, “but I prefer a more practical answer.” It was obvious that Shudan had our complete attention. It appeared that she had captivated another audience. A beautiful smile adorned her face as she continued, “Do you want to know the reason that I excelled as a concert pianist at such an early age?” Almost everyone in the room nodded their head “yes” in unison. “I had the passion, I had the drive, and I had the work ethic needed to succeed,” Shudan continued. “I was willing to put in the work.  I practiced every day and I practiced more than anyone else.  Some children would practice one or even two hours per day, and those few who actually stuck with it became very good. ‘Very good’ was not what I wanted. I wanted to be the very best that I could be. I practiced six, eight, even ten hours per day, because I wanted it that badly. That’s how I approach everything in life; that’s how I achieve and even go beyond my dreams.”

From elementary school to the completion of her college degree Shudan was an exceptional student. She always understood the importance of education and was often the head of her class. In her humble words, Shudan admits, “I have always been in the top ten.” How did she do it? “I studied more, and I studied harder than others,” she said matter-of-factly. “Why learn less than is possible for you to learn?  Why be less than you are capable of being?” she added. 

Actress Shudan WangOnce again, Shudan glanced around the room. It was obvious that she was in deep thought as her smile faded and she continued, “It is sad that many people seem to have no dreams. Even sadder is the observation that most people who do have dreams seem to lack the passion, the drive, and the work ethic necessary to allow those dreams to become reality. I believe our dreams become our realities if we have faith and passion and diligently work towards our desired outcome.”  Shudan paused for a moment before she continued.  “There is one thing I would like to suggest to those people who are poised and ready to make their dreams come true. That one thing is . . . ‘Dream Bigger!’ . . . Most people’s dreams are not nearly big enough.  So, dream bigger and allow those bigger dreams to materialize.”

When she was only seven years old, Shudan studied at a prestigious international foreign language school. She won many first-place prizes in public speaking competitions. Those first-place awards including a movie dubbing contest in the English language.

Shudan earned her dance certificate from London’s Royal Academy of Dance. This took place during her second year of high school. While in her fourth year of high school, her award-winning performance as the lead dancer in “Dancing in the Snow” at the Suzhou Convention Center was so memorable that her photograph still adorns post cards there.

In high school, Shudan won numerous gold medals for high jumps and shotput and even took second place in a teen fencing tournament. In a United Nations Five-Country Modeling Competition, Shudan won the “Best Elegance Award.”

Shudan is a significantly accomplished and very talented, award-winning kick boxer and martial artist.  Is she the best that she can possibly be? “I am the best that I can be at this moment,” she admitted. “I will be better tomorrow, and better yet the following day.” To be in the presence of Shudan Wang is to be inspired.

Accomplished martial artist, actress Shudan Wang

Accomplished martial artist, actress Shudan Wang

Shudan has spent most of her young life on stage, performing. To excel in any one art is outstanding. To excel is so many areas of entertainment is truly amazing and awe-inspiring. We asked her to define herself, based on her biggest passion. Smiling, with a twinkle in her eye, she quickly responded, “That’s easy.  I’m a professional actor who just happens to have talents in many other areas.”

We have seen several of her recent movies. To state that this lovely lady is amazingly talented is an understatement. Is Shudan a very talented actress? No, Shudan is an incredibly, extraordinarily, uniquely talented actor who is destined to win many dozens of additional film awards. Keep in mind that Shudan Wang never stops growing. She will be better tomorrow than today, and even better the next day. Is Shudan destined to win Hollywood’s biggest award? Most who know her and have seen her work admit that the question is not “will she win?” The question is “when will she win?”

“Shudan Wang is one of the most amazing actresses I have ever met. Not only is she an extraordinary actress, but she’s also an extraordinary person. Professional in every way, her word is her bond, and she demonstrates excellence in every project she undertakes. I wish I had known her a year ago; she would have been perfect for my “Tales of Frankenstein” movie. Of course, I do have the sequel plus my ‘different’ vampire movie upcoming. I’d love to have her in every one of my movies if I could!”

Those words were spoken by Donald F. Glut, the man who wrote the Star Wars novel “The Empire Strikes Back,” President of Pecosborn Productions, and a respected producer-director-writer with literally hundreds of professional film and television credits.

“I invited Shudan to an entertainment industry event recently,” Mr. Glut continued, “and she was the hit of event. Three of my producer friends were so impressed that they expressed interest in hiring her for their movies. I invited her to be a special VIP guest on a live radio show a few weeks back, a 2-hour live over-the-air radio show. It was basically her for two hours and she captivated the audience.”

Barney Cohen, the creator of many hit TV series including “Sabrina, the Teenage Witch” and “Forever Knight” finds Shudan to be “refreshingly fascinating” and wants her for at least two of his upcoming projects.

Edward Gusts, CEO of Helsinki Institute Pictures, is currently writing a feature film around Shudan. “Shudan will definitely be walking the red carpet at the world premiere of my movie “The Letter Red,” Mr. Gusts said. “I’m honored to have her. I know she will grace many dozens of red carpet world premiere movie events. She is absolutely extraordinary!”

Raphaello, a producer-director-writer who has won over fifty film awards for his work, is amongst an ever-growing number of entertainment industry professionals impressed with Shudan Wang and her work. “Extraordinary is an understatement,” Raphaello expressed in his wonderfully enthusiastic English accent. “Shudan can play anything from a high school student to an international spy – either as the hero or the villain, the good girl or the bad girl. If she doesn’t end up in one of the upcoming James Bond films, I’ll be absolutely amazed.” Raphaello paused for a moment before continuing. “Look at her. There’s your next ‘Bond girl.’ Where else can you find such a talented actress with the unique set of skills Shudan has? She’s an exceptional martial artist and a classical pianist. She plays the flute and the erhu. Now, I ask you, how many other professional actresses play the erhu? She excels in aerial acrobatics. She’s a boxer, a kickboxer, a judo player, an advanced yoga practitioner, a dancer, a ballet dancer. She can do it all – all of that and a more – and she can talk to you about it in several different languages! She brings extraordinary value to every film and television project with where she is involved. I look forward to her starring in several of our upcoming feature films!”

Shudan Wang has done major roles in twelve film and television projects during the past year. They include the feature films “No Home for Young Man,” “Sprawl,” “Aftershock,” “400 to Oahu,” and the web series “Scorpion Girl.”  She just completed an AFI (Hollywood’s prestigious American Film Institute) film. She has signed contracts to star in four more feature films with many others to follow.

Shudan Wang – coming soon to a theater near you – and represented by Chris Montgomery of Prodigy Talent Agency, Hollywood, California, USA.

Written by K.T. Michaels

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