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Swiss Picks – An Evolution in Guitar Picks

Cheesy Picks guitar picks
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Swiss Picks guitar picks – Made in L.A.
What’s a guitarist to do when the guitar pick between his / her fingers moves, slips, or hits the floor when they don’t want it to ? Drill tiny holes in it. Who would’ve thought, but Pete Punckowski did.

The Long Island, NY native didn’t move to L.A. in 2005 to drill little holes in a guitar pick, his love of playwrighting and music did. Funny how things happen for a reason, and sometimes it’s not what you expect.

An avid player for more than 30 years, guitar shop owner, and instructor, this NY transplant took one guitar pick to his L.A. basement, and turned that one little piece of plastic into the ‘go to’ bridge between some serious players and their instruments, having dozens of endorsements worldwide by well known musicians. Who knew a crazy idea would be one of the top rated picks by Guitar World magazine?

Invented in L.A. in 2011, these picks are still made in an injection molding plant here, employing 15 people, and sell about 1500 picks a month to musicians nationwide, as well as Puerto Rico, Great Britain, and Indonesia.

Whatever your level of playing, there is a ‘flavor’ for you. Swiss, Cheddar, Bleu Cheese, and the most recent glow in the dark Nuclear Green, ‘Sliced thick or thin’. These picks, with their off center holes and cut edges offer superior grip and toughness, and won’t break your musical budget. I searched the internet for 30 minutes, looking for one bad review, and could not find even one. What the American entreprenual spirit is all about. // Facebook @swisspicks // Twitter @swisspicks

Written by Rob Halinar

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