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Make Up Tool Cleopatra Cat Eye Stamp

Cleopatra cat eye stamp
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New make up trends are all the rage. One classic look has re-emerged that can take your look from nice to WOW… the sexy Cleopatra Cat Eye. If you’re like me, getting that precise flawless eyeliner line is not easy! I usually get one eye perfect and the other eye line crooked. Then I wipe it off and start over and before long I have a smeary mess! So I just don’t bother and still wonder how others create that perfect steady application for a perfect Cat Eye look. That is, until I discovered the Cleopatra Cat Eye Stamp.

The Cleopatra Cat Eye Stamp is the first product to be launched by cosmetics brand Lyda Beauty, just in time for the holiday season. Now you can ‘stamp’ a precision CAT EYE in less than 60 seconds! New to the market, the Cleopatra Cat Eye Stamp is about to revolutionize the makeup industry. It creates a perfectly symmetrical “cat eye” or “winged eye” look in less than 60 seconds with minimal effort. The patent pending device is a compact, beautifully shaped applicator that delivers richly pigmented liquid eyeliner to a precisely angled stamp on one end, and a fine tipped point on the other.

Swiss-born Lyda Fischer created this innovative new product. Fischer’s was always an avid
beauty consumer. Like many of us, she studied online tutorials trying to learn how to apply the perfect cat eye herself. She tried various complicated tricks and tutorials and gimmicks such as using teaspoons, string, or placing tape across the eyelids, which didn’t quite work!

Then Fischer came up with the idea of a lifetime. She and her husband, Robin Fischer, designed a prototype. After perfecting the design, they filed for patent protection for the dual sided stamp and fine point eyeliner applicator which resulted in the Cleopatra Cat Eye Stamp.

Cleopatra eye stamp

The eyeliner is dermatologist approved and is hypoallergenic, free of toxins and fragrances.

The Cleopatra Cat Eye Stamp is available in two different sizes, bold and sleek. The ease of application and perfect results will establish the product as one of the best selling eyeliner stamps in America.

This product is the first and only cat eye stamp applicator to do the entire task using a single tool. The stamp, the fine-tip point and the liquid eyeliner are contained in one tool. No need to buy additional brushes or eyeliners like other products.

The Cleopatra Cat Eye Stamp will be sold online and launching in major drugstore chains. For further information please visit and follow on Instagram @lydabeauty

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