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Lydia Backhouse Lands Back-To-Back Starring Roles

Lydia Backhouse
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Hollywood’s Newest Star Lydia Backhouse Shares Her Thoughts on Success

Lydia Backhouse is an extraordinarily talented, classically-trained British actress.  Her first “Best Actress” Award was presented to her when she, as a teenager, played the lead role of Anne Brontë in the production of “Brontë” at England’s prestigious Sheffield Theatres.  It was the beginning of much ongoing praise and acknowledgement of her exceptional acting ability.

Just prior to her 18th birthday, Lydia was able to live one of her many dreams and actually call Hollywood home.  During her relatively short time here, Lydia has enjoyed a continuation and an escalation of the praise and acknowledgement that began back in England.

Lydia Backhouse currently has production company contracts, deal memos and letters of intent for six movie and television projects shooting essentially back-to-back.  The confirmed projects include a new series of Frankenstein movies; the fantasy-comedy film “Alastor” with three sequels; a major movie based on a #1 International Best-Selling novel; the television series “Adopted,” slated for a three-year run; and “WWWR,” a feature film trilogy based on the true exploits of late-1970’s professional wrestlers.

Raphaello, CEO of Nemesis Pictures and the recipient of 53 film awards, personally hired Lydia to star in his upcoming TV series “Adopted.”  He considers himself “very fortunate indeed” to have found her. “Lydia Backhouse was literally the only person we auditioned, out of 300+ professional actresses, who was able to authentically deliver the script the way it was supposed to be done.  Her gift for acting allowed her to take things to a whole other level.  She convinced us that she was irreplaceable and would make the show a gripping success!”   Raphaello (and Nemesis Pictures in association with 360 Films) also signed Lydia to play the major role of Judith “Alice” Bramall in their upcoming feature film “Alastor.”  Rumor has it that Lydia will be working with Nicholas Cage or Keanu Reeves on the project.

Lydia Backhouse

Urban Media Group’s Bob Delgadillo, one of Hollywood’s best-known top celebrity and red-carpet photographers, says he always looks forward to shooting Lydia especially at world premieres.

“Lydia is wonderful on the red carpet,” Bob Delgadillo told us. “She epitomizes excitement and beauty! She possesses that exceptionally rare star quality and charisma that feeds the camera – and she’s a genuinely nice person.”

Lydia Backhouse

Director Al Burke, CEO of MO Entertainment and a gentleman who has literally hundreds of professional film and television credits, says, “Lydia is worth her weight in gold!  She’s gorgeous.  She’s very, very talented.  And she’s an amazing person.  I’ve hired her to star in my upcoming action film – the working title is ‘Slow is Smooth, Smooth is Fast.’  I also have a huge film, a sequel, with an A-list star, that will be going into production when ‘Smooth’ in completed.  I can’t give specifics yet, but you’ll be surprised and excited when we officially announce it.  We’re really hoping that Lydia will be available for that one, too.”

“It’s been a wonderful experience,” Lydia shared. “It’s been like a thrill ride that keeps getting better while your smile keeps getting bigger . . . I’m living my dream.  And just like that thrill ride, there are unexpected stops and starts, ups and downs, sharp turns, and sometimes it’s a little scary.  I simply realize it’s all a part of the journey and I relish every moment.  Life’s too short to concentrate on the obstacles – especially since there are almost limitless solutions.”

We asked Ms. Backhouse if she had any advice for aspiring actors.

Make sure that the film business is your passion,” Lydia recommended.  “If it’s your passion, you’ll be so dedicated that you’ll work diligently to achieve your dream.  Research; find out how the industry really works.  Don’t ask struggling actors for advice – unless you want to be a struggling actor.

Lydia smiled.

Personality is important,” she added.  “Producers need to like you and want you in their film.  Always be positive and surround yourself with genuine, successful professionals who sincerely want you to succeed.  Always do more than is expected of you and never allow failure to be an option.”   

Lydia paused for a moment as if in deep thought.  “When I was a child growing up in Great Britain, I would watch television and see movie stars on the red carpet in Hollywood!”  Her smile grew and her eyes moistened in obvious appreciation. “Now I’m walking red carpets and working with some of those very stars . . . Seriously believe in yourself and your future and your dreams can and will come true! You can absolutely live your dreams!  Remember to always be grateful and to give back!”

Lydia Backhouse is represented by Chris Montgomery of Prodigy Talent, 7080 Hollywood Blvd., Suite 1100, Hollywood, CA 90028 (310) 462-2310

Lydia Backhouse


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