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WOW! Creations 2017 Primetime EMMYS Gifting Suite at the W Hollywood

Matt Harris, screen legend Hector Elizando and Mark Harris
Written by Tyler Emery

WOW! Creations 2017 Primetime EMMYS Gifting Suite, presented by Matt and Mark Harris at the beautiful W Hotel Hollywood was a sleek Hollywood atmosphere that got celebrities in the mode for the EMMY awards weekend. Cool Warhal-inspired artwork of the EMMY statue set the tone, and the brands who came from across America and from around the world were excited to get their products into hands of influential celebrities and media.

Some of the brands that traveled from near and far included:

e-face provides innovative products for beauty and health. Akiko from Japan came to Hollywood to promote their latest skincare line Akiko HAS – B Series – an innovative anti-aging line which is derived by cutting-edge stem cell technology, using ingredients like collagen, gold placenta, and more.

Tyler Emery and Andy Macedo with e-face from Japan

Tyler Emery and Andy Macedo with e-face from Japan

The Future of Bra Fashion
Now you can use your bra as a jewelry accessory. The straps anyway! Glamorize any outfit with Jewel Straps –  they are jewelry bra straps for your strapless bra. Owner Risa Green created Jewel Straps to add glamour to tank top styles, strapless, and one shoulder ensembles. Rhinestones, crystals, and high-end fashion metals are used to provide an elegant, jewelry-like finish. Jewel Straps are adjustable to fit you just right.

Jewel Straps founder Risa Green wearing gold jewel straps.

Jewel Straps founder Risa Green wearing gold jewel straps.

Brevena provided their Intensive Foot and Heel repair with purified oat beta-glucan for soft, beautiful feet. They began as a technology that healed burned and wounded skin 20 years ago and it evolved into a profound skincare breakthrough.


Green Turtle Estate roast coffee has a higher caffeine content because it has been roasted gently to a medium blend and the oils of the bean are not burned away by heat. Hawaii grown Kona Coffee, roasted on the day you order and shipped to you fresh.

John O’Hurley with Soaps by Shirley, proves even a manly-man needs nice soaps!

Global Vodka was serving cocktails made with their great organic vodka made in Italy. Generations of experience have enabled them to perfect the process of creating the smoothest, most luxurious tasting vodka. It has a light and refreshing taste. Could be the water Global Vodka uses – from the high springs of Dolomites in Northern Italy — low levels of nitrates and sodium. Perfecto! The beautiful, lighted, frosted bottle does the vodka justice, like an Italian work of art.

Global Vodka

Absolutely delicious fudge! Mama Taylor’s Treats added some irresistible sweetness to the day with “The best fudge you’ve ever tasted.“ Amberlee Taylor decided to go into business when her homemade fudge caused such a clamor for more, she knew it was her calling!

Mama Taylor's Fudge

Cigars by Nicholas J. provided quality cigars with its two brands, The ALMA and The SEA. The ALMA is their Connecticut wrapped mild flavored cigar and the The SEA is their maduro wrapped medium-full cigar, handmade from tobacco leaves grown from Cuban tobacco leaves. For more info,

Soaps By Sheryl: All soaps are made in small batches, body butters, lip balms and salves are made at time of order to ensure the freshest product possible. To see all her soapy treats, visit

John Paul Pet provided their dog wipes which are a very healthy and effective way of cleaning your dog’s coat. “A clean dog is a happy dog!” For sure. To purchase these, go to

Stone Henge Watch company presents the exact scale replica of the major components of the 5,000 year-old megalithic monument we know as Stonehenge. They gifted celebrities these very cool and collectable timepieces.

Body Wipe Company gifted guests samples of their body wipes that utilize an innovative wipe formulation and patented wipe technology, and have multiple uses. They have wet and dry towelettes, and also flushable wipes! For more info, visit

8 Greens Essential Greens Booster: Cancer survivor Dawn Russelllearned that the most important factor in staying well was nutrition, so she was driven to created 8G Essential Greens Booster.  It includes eight greens: Spinach, Wheatgrass, Kale, Blue green algae, Spirulina, Chlorella, Barley grass and Aloe vera.

8 Greens

Jackie’s Cookie Connection provided guests with Jackie’s Cookie Babies, delightful little cookies and brownies that are “crispity, crunchity, poppable, snackable little nuggets of sheer tastiness” …and at about only 10 calories per cookie! To see all the yumminess, visit

1907 Water is a brand from New Zealand from an ancient artesian source and is naturally alkaline water with well-balanced electrolytes that help rebalance and replenish your body. They kept guests hydrated at the suite! For more info visit

Sunridge Farms provided an assortment of their snacks for guests to enjoy. For more information visit

Milkadamia provided their deliciously healthy soy milk alternative which is made directly from macademia nuts. For more information visit

Mark Harris and twin brother Matt Harris with socialite George Blodwell

Mark Harris and twin brother Matt Harris with socialite George Blodwell

Matt and Mark Harris of WOW! Creations
You may recognize Mark and Matt Harris from their stint on “Storage Wars” – but they’re not just pretty faces!

Their product placements company, WOW! Creations, has produced sensational gift lounges and swag bags for celebrity-filled events such as the Academy Awards, MTV Video Music Awards, Emmy Awards, Miss Universe Pageant, and the Sundance Film Festival and more, since 2004.

The boutique public relations firm offers a full range of services for clients and celebrities.

To find out how you can be involved in a future celebrity gifting suite, go to

Phone: 626.622.6610 or 818.590.9009

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You can also catch on L.A. Talk Radio: Mark and Matt Harris are “The Kings of Swag” and host their weekly radio show , “The Tastemakers“.

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