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Everly, Inc. One on One Personal Tutoring for Students in Los Angeles

Everly Tutoring
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Personal tutoring for your Student

Everly (geteverly.com) is streamlining and perfecting the process of finding the right tutor for your child. Twin brothers Mark and Michael Berookim have created a platform that enables parents to locate a qualified, trusted tutor for their K-12 student on their computer or mobile device. (See our interview with Every personal below)

Everly Tutoring

The Berookim’s 32-plus years of experience in the tutoring industry combined with the expertise of a board that includes respected names in the world of technology, education, and public service have helped make Everly an innovative educational resource.

With a simple three-step process, Everly offers users in Los Angeles County the ability to select from among highly qualified tutors that are carefully vetted to ensure maximum professionalism and adherence to the highest academic standards.


1- Go the website or mobile app and answer a few simple questions. Based on that information, Everly will recommend an in-home tutor that will be the right fit for your child.

2- Research each tutor’s education, experience and background via their “About Me’ video, customer reviews, and other resources.

3- Once you’ve made your choice, book the session by entering the date, time and location. The tutor will arrive at your doorstep, ready to help your child improve their academic performance. Automated reports help you track your child’s progress.


Everly has a set affordable rate and accepts electronic payment. A money back guarantee ensures you only pay if you are satisfied with the results.

Everly-LogoThere is too much riding on your child’s education to leave anything to chance. Everly can take the guesswork out of choosing a tutor.

Here is more detailed information about Everly:

Q:  How is Everly unique from other tutoring programs?

A:  Unique Features:
Fully vetted tutors
A simple tutor selection process
One-set affordable rate.
On demand
Cashless payment
Automated progress reports
A money back guarantee promise
High pay for tutors:

Traditional tutoring companies take a large majority of the tutors’ fees, leaving tutors with very little. Everly’s tech-enabled platform cuts most administrative costs, which allows for significant higher pay that tutors deserve. This translates to more qualified tutors and improved academic results

Q:  Please explain how your tutor vetting process works.

A:  Everly screens and interviews each tutor individually, only approving tutors who meet our rigorous standards of teaching and confidence building. Other tutoring platforms simply allow any individual to join their online tutoring marketplace, placing the burden of vetting the tutor on the parent. Everly tutors will be paid premium rates.

Everly goes above and beyond industry-standard background checks to provide you with peace of mind. By resourcing multiple layers of criminal checks, we provide the most comprehensive background checks so that tutors are properly screened and their identities verified.

Everly tutors come from a variety of backgrounds and include certified teachers, industry professionals, undergraduate or graduate students and more. All tutors have been interviewed, background checked and screened by Everly staff.

Q:  When are your tutors available (evenings, weekends, etc)?

A:  Everly has tutors available year-round 7 days a week, for morning, afternoon or evening sessions.

Q:  Do your tutors specialize in a single subject?

A:  Yes. Also, depending on the tutor, they may specialize for up 3 subjects.

Q:  How quickly can someone select and schedule a tutor using Everly?

A:  Our on-demand feature allows you to book a tutor as early as today. Same day booking is available (with 3 hours notice) Monday – Friday as long as you complete the booking before 5:30pm. On weekends the earliest you can book is the next day.

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