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3d Public Relations & Marketing’s Dina Rezvanipour: Successful Entrepreneur and Philanthropist

Dina Rezvanipour is both an example of a successful Los Angeles businesswoman and philanthropist.

“The real secret of happiness is not what you have or what you receive; it’s what you share,” explains Dina Rezvanipour, owner of 3d Public Relations & Marketing and founder of non-profit Generation Philanthropy.  Rezvanipour seems to be mastering both talents: garnering accomplishments for herself and her clients and in turn, giving back to others.

In January of this year, she launched her own public relations firm in Los Angeles and New York City after a successful career as Vice President of Distinctive Assets. In 2011, she wanted to do more than just build her own career. With so many people out of work, she felt moved to help others secure economic stability and founded Generation Philanthropy. The non-profit’s motto is “Turning a New Leaf for a New Life” and its mission is to raise funds and awareness for charitable programs in need of support that serve the community in profound, effective ways.

LA’s The Place Media has done business with Dina Rezvanipour over the years and our experience with her has been stellar. She has always been a consumate professional, goes to bat for her clients with full gusto, and sees all business dealings to a fruitious and happy ending. That is why Dina Rezvanipour and 3d Public Relations & Marketing  is on THElist 2012, an LA’s The Place Editor’s Pick for Best PR Companies in Los Angeles.

We caught up with Dina Rezvanipour to find out why she decided to branch out on her own, what her proudest accomplishment is to date and how she finds to time to balance it all.

LA’s The Place: You recently launched your own public relations firm, 3d Public Relations & Marketing, in January of this year. What motivated you to do so?
Dina Rezvanipour: I’ve been in this industry for a while now, and have had some great mentors; with their guidance, decided it was time to launch 3d.

LATP: What is 3d Public Relation’s specialty?
DR: We specialize in brand management, events, public relations and marketing for fashion, beauty, accessories, and e-commerce companies.

LATP: What distinguishes 3d PR & M from other public relation firm?
DR: 3d strives to be diligent, distinct and deliver results for each of our clients.

LATP: When marketing a new brand or product, how important is it to use the newer social media outlets like Twitter, Pinterest, etc?
DR: Social media is the new wave of marketing, so we make sure our clients are fully in tune with their social media outlets. We help them maintain their twitters/facebook/blogs/pinterest, etc, so it’s always up to date.

LATP: Where do you prefer to live and work: LA or NYC and why?
DR: I get the best of both coasts. I get to enjoy the fast pace world of New York City, and calm and ease of LA. When I need a break from one, I have the other to go to.

LATP: What advice would you give someone wanting to branch out in public relations?
DR: This industry is all about relationships and networking. I recommend they start off with an internship, to see what type of PR they are interested in. My other recommendation would be to start building relationships with editors. Your contacts are the key to your success!

LATP: You also founded a charity called Generation Philanthropy in 2010. What inspired you to start a foundation to help people have a new start in life?
DR: I’ve always had a passion to help others. My mother taught me from a very young age that the most rewarding thing in life is to help others in need. And because of this, I’ve been active on many charity boards for years, so GP felt like the natural next step.

LATP: What projects or accomplishments are you most proud the non-profit has achieved in its 2 years?
DR: I have a great board that I work with. As a board, we mentor a group of people who are in the process of getting jobs and getting back on their feet. We are also working to raise money to build a school this year in Guatemala.

LATP: What is your vision for GP for the next 5 to 10 years?
DR: I hope to open a chapter in New York City, and continue helping people locally and internationally.

LATP: What kinds of supplies, manpower, and finances do you need to accomplish this? How can people contribute to Generation Philanthropy?
DR: We are always looking for people to volunteer at events and community service activities. To get more information about upcoming activities and to donate they can visit

LATP: It sounds like you are on-the-go all the time between 3d PR & M and Generation Philanthropy, what’s your secret in finding time for yourself to relax and rejuvenate?
DR: I take a little time for myself every day, whether in the morning or evening to disconnect and relax.

Generation Philanthropists Current Project

Generation Philanthropists is focusing their efforts on the non-profit Pencils of Promise (POP).  POP’s mission is to partner with local communities to build schools and increase educational opportunities in the developing world. PoP focuses on early education, high potential females and empowering a new generation of passionate young leaders to create social good. For more information on PoP, please visit

Dina Rezvanipour of 3d PR & Marketing

Dina Rezvanipour of 3d PR & Marketing

Dina Rezvanipour


3d Public Relations and Marketing

6340 Coldwater Canyon Avenue, Suite 206
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Office: 310.909.8770, Cell: 310.780.8416

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