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The Stardust App Brings Movie & TV Creators and Fans Together

Kendall Long, Tyler Emery
Written by Tyler Emery

This past week media and influencers were guests of Stardust App for The Bachelor viewing party in West Hollywood, where the final three contestants were fighting for Colton’s heart on their last one-on one-dates. Former Bachelor and Bachelor in Paradise star Kendall Long hosted this viewing party at Fig and Olive.

Actress Galassia Grassetto
Actress & Ocean Conservationist Galassia Grassetto

Stardust is one of the fastest growing platforms for movie and TV creators. Their focus is helping you grow your audience, interact with fans meaningfully, and rise atop the global movie & TV fan community.

Stardust has over 2000 influencers with more than 10 million YouTube subscribers using the Stardust app to elevate their online following.

But fans, too, get their chance to be heard and seen on video. Video is so much more effective than regular text. Stardust app takes the social media world to a whole other level.

We had a chance to talk to the CEO of the StarDust app, Derek Forbes:

LATP: It’s interesting to see how this app is filling a need that the social media world hasn’t seen before. What was your inspiration in doing so?

Derek Forbes: I’m personally a huge fan of Game of Thrones and I love talking about it with other people that are equally passionate about it.  That’s where the idea started out!

People love talking about their favorites TV shows with friends, and it’s often something people bond over.  Stardust provides a community where viewers can share their thoughts, reactions and predictions with friends and other fans – and connect with people that share similar interests.

LATP: How is this different from other social media apps and what kind of needs does it fill for your user base?

DF: It’s the only social app that’s all about movies and TV.  Our users love to hear about what their friends are watching, and whether a new show is worth checking out or not.  With all of the media giants producing so much quality content now, it can be hard to decide what to watch next.  Stardust provides a way not just to find out if the content is good or not, but also which things your friends are into so you can share the experience by discussing it with them.

LATP: What are some of the more popular shows that people are currently reacting to?

DF: Popular TV dramas tend to get a lot of people talking – The Walking Dead, Game of Thrones.  Other shows with passionate followings include CW shows like The Flash, Arrow and Riverdale.  More recently, were seeing some activity around reality TV like the latest season of the Bachelor.  And of course movies are still very popular – with new releases like Captain Marvel currently our top trending title.

LATP: What are some of the reasons why your user base loves being on the app?

DF: Great movies & shows create strong emotions and attachments, and I think people really like to relate to others who have just experienced the same feelings.  We have some really passionate users of Stardust that regularly tell us it’s their favorite social media platform.  I think there are a number of reasons it can appeal to people – the discussion is authentic, we do a pretty good job of keeping the discussions troll-free.  And it’s all about entertainment – no political talk, family feuds or cat videos – so perhaps it’s a nice haven from some of those things that can take over other social platforms.

With the StarDust App You Can:

  • Add to your watchlist to keep up on release dates, trailers, and where to watch
  • Watch the latest reactions from your friends
  • Discover trending movies, shows, trailers, & more.
  • Record and share your reactions and ratings with friends.

Download the StarDust App Here

The Bachelor and Bachelor in Paradise's Kendall Long, with Reign Media's Tyler Emery
The Bachelor and Bachelor in Paradise’s Kendall Long, with Reign Media’s Tyler Emery at the viewing party

Attendees enjoyed an array of red wine, white wine, select beer, and delicious appetizers such as sliders, melon wrapped in prosciutto, and more.

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