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QYKSonic Unveils ZOE Line’s Latest High Tech Skincare Devices

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Written by Jane Emery

QYKSonic‘s CEO Rakesh Tammabuttula and Dr. Jacqueline Nguyen threw a lavish new product launch event – the Beauty Revolution, unveiling three new beauty products at the Luxe Sunset: Zoe Bliss, Zoe Plus and Zoe Luxx, all based on the original ZOE three-in-one antimicrobial silicone face and body trans-dermal sonic beauty device.

QYKSonic’s founder Tammabattula explained: “We currently have six patents pending and an aggressive product development road map, and we look forward to expanding our offerings and continuing to lead the charge in technology-driven health and beauty solutions.”

QYKSonic's CEO Rakesh Tammabuttula and Dr. Jacqueline Nguyen

QYKSonic’s CEO Rakesh Tammabuttula and Dr. Jacqueline Nguyen

The ZOE LUXX, with advanced Sonic and Ionic technologies and design, is the most powerful personal skincare device yet. Like the other ZOE devices, it provides deep cleansing and exfoliation by way of high powered pulsations. Additionally, the heated metal surface works in tandem with smart pulsations to provide unmatched anti-aging massage treatments and ensure total and complete absorption of product for highest results. Moisture sensing electrodes monitor skin’s hydration levels and adjust treatment and application accordingly for optimum care. Optional copper and jade attachments target wrinkle prone areas to smooth lines, reduce puffiness and stimulate collagen production. ZOE LUXX is the way of the future for first class skincare.

ZOE BLISS – The ergonomically-designed and innovative device features advanced silicone bristles made of ultra hygienic medical-grade antimicrobial silicone that work at over 7500 pulsations per minute and over 1600 biometrically-positioned enhanced touch points. Tuned pulsations provide a first class anti-aging, firming massage. And Rhythmic tapping pulsations ensure superior absorption of skincare products for best results.

QYKSonic Unveils ZOE Line's Latest High Tech Skincare Devices

Nnenna Chukemerije, QYKSonic associate and RD pharmacist. Photo by Kevin Le

ZOE PLUS provides multiple intelligent pulsation settings that deliver maximum benefits at 9000 advanced T-sonic pulsations per minute to gently cleanse makeup, dirt, and oil that clog your pores and cause acne. Exfoliation of the skin is a must.

QYKSonic Unveils ZOE Line's Latest High Tech Skincare Devices

Photo by LucioM

You might think that using your hands to apply skin care products is sufficient, but the products basically sits on the surface of your skin using that method. ZOE skin care devices by QYKSonic not only exfoliates properly but it also allows for deep absorption of skincare product ingredients deeply into your skin for maximum results.

QYKSonic Unveils ZOE Line's Latest High Tech Skincare Devices

Dr. Jacqueline Nguyen with Vivan Tran, QYCSonic staff and good supportive friend for the past 10 years! Photo: Kevin Le

These great skin care tools were paired and demonstrated with ‘s exclusive luxurious Diamond Collection, a diamond powder-infused total skincare set that rejuvenates, tightens and radiates damaged skin.

The GX Life Diamond Collection transforms your daily skincare routine and works perfectly in sync with ZEOSonic devices:

Fruit Enzyme Foaming Cleanser penetrates facial pores with a gentle foaming agent to flush out dirt makeup and other debris. Aloe vera, bromelain, cucumber extract, papain, sodium hyaluronate, a form of hyaluronic acid.

Regenerative Multi-Action Concentrate is a mix of peptides and ceramides that are formulated to repair damaged skin, make it supple and reduce signs of aging and utilizes Diamond Powder to create a soft focus effect to instantly mask skin’s imperfections.

QYKSonic Unveils ZOE Line's Latest High Tech Skincare Devices

Skin Brightening Diamond Illuminator eliminate dark spots, scars and blemishes with this unique formula of groundbreaking compounds including Brightenyl® and DermalRx® SRC that produce visible results immediately.

Line Diffusing Diamond Eye Cream is a unique blend that tightens, lifts and protects the delicate under eye skin and is formulated to prevent aging of the skin, while reducing the appearance of dark circles by five times.

Moisture-Boosting Night Repair Cream by GX-Life utilizes a proprietary blend includes Hydraporine™, a synergistic combination of natural ingredients including honey, pectin, phospholipids, and trimethylglycine that penetrates cell membranes, and Lanablue® which is derived from blue-green algae of the Pacific Northwest, acts like a natural retinoid, smoothing and regenerating the skin without any unwanted side effects.

For more info or to order: Dr. J’s The Diamond Collection

QYKSonic Unveils ZOE Line's Latest High Tech Skincare Devices

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