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Trophy Skin At-home Tools For Professional Results
Written by Jane Emery

The dream of attaining smoother, firmer, healthier-looking skin without invasive surgery and in the comfort of your own home is now a reality with Trophy Skin. With Trophy Skin’s high-tech at-home tools, you can look forward to a radiant, glowing look on your own schedule, at a fraction of the cost of professional appointments.

The Trophy Skin repertoire is composed of three core products: the MicrodermMD, the RejuvadermMD, and the RejuvaliteMD. Any and each can be your weapon of choice for the best skincare possible.

With the RejuvaliteMD, you get groundbreaking LED technology that safely stimulates skin healing and collagen production. With a full 120 bulb LED light panel, you just lay back and relax while this innovative design does all the work. No more manually going over sections of your face in time consuming sessions. In as little as 5 minutes a day a few times per week, you’ll love the resulting decrease in the appearance of wrinkles and dark spots, along with the improved radiance, elasticity, and firmness… in other words, a return of your youthful skin. Red LED light rejuvenation really works. And you see the results right away. RejuvaliteMD utilizes four UV-free wavelengths including red, yellow, amber, and infrared light to effectively treat multiple signs of aging.

@thegivingmom using RejuvaliteMD at home. Photo courtesy of

@thegivingmom using RejuvaliteMD at home.

MicrodermMD, as its name implies, is a microdermabrasion system for the home.  Utilizing a high tech combo of diamond exfoliation and gentle suction, you can look forward to salon-quality results as you buff away fine lines and wrinkles while you reduce signs of sun damage. Dead skin cells and age spots will go away too. In their place, you’ll see better skin tone and texture, along with a visible radiance. To help you get started, the kit includes all the essentials: the MicrodermMD device, a medium diamond tip, an infusion tip, a pore extraction tip, 100 pack filters, a power adapter, and an instruction manual. And for those with more delicate skin, the MicrodermMD includes a Sensitive Mode.

And for women on the go, the RejuvadermMD is a lightweight, portable microdermabrasion device that uses a high-tech combo of diamond exfoliation and gentle suction to smooth away dead skin cells to expose radiant, glowing skin. Simply throw it in your gym bag or travel case to get the same spa-quality results on the road in just 5 minutes, wherever you are. The full RejuvadermMD kit includes a medium diamond tip, an infusion tip, a pore extraction tip, 50 pack filters, a power adapter, and an instruction manual. And for those with more delicate skin, the MicrodermMD includes a Sensitive Mode.

Trophy Skin has products to treat acne-prone skin too, including light-therapy kits that issue specific wavelengths of light to address problem spots. The average consumer has combination skin, so there’s a good chance you may need a combination of products to achieve your goals.

The company’s online assessment can help you pick the best product for your needs, but if you have further questions, Trophy Skin has a license esthetician available to help too.

Before and After Trophy Skin

Before and After Trophy Skin. Says it all!

Trophy Skin is the brainchild of Imran Karim, the owner of a medical spa in Texas, who noticed that non-invasive beauty treatments offered a world of benefits to his customers. Women (and men) came to him with questions about how to treat acne and other skin problems, and he could easily help them. But he figured there had to be a way to get the same results without paying the price, perhaps without even coming to the spa. Thus, he and a number of technology experts created the Trophy Skin line of tools.

Skin is our biggest organ, and as such, it plays a big role in determining our well-being. Take care of your skin, and it will take care of you, not only in terms of comfort, but in confidence. Trophy Skin has the tools you need to reach this ideal state, with fresh-looking skin and your dream complexion. The best part is that you can do it all while saving money on spa visits. Your youthful glow can start at home with Trophy Skin.

*Featured image is @thesensibleshopaholic using RejuvaliteMD Photo courtesy of Lisa Sodolak (Trophy Skin)

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