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HyperChiller For the Best Iced Coffee

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In honor of National Coffee Day, here’s a way to get great iced coffee without  worrying about diluting your beverages.

Warming up a beverage is no problem. If you own a brewer or even just a microwave, you can have piping hot coffee or tea in a matter of minutes. However, making your favorite cold beverages such as iced coffee is a little more time-consuming and challenging. The quickest method of chilling spirits and coffee has always been to add ice. Unfortunately, this method can water down your beverage, leaving you with something that tastes weak and unsatisfying. The HyperChiller changes all that; giving you delicious chilled beverages in practically no time without diluting the flavor.

HyperChiller coffee

Rather than putting ice directly in the drink, the HyperChiller allows you to wrap your drink in cold. You simply leave the unit in the freezer and when you are ready to use it just pour your beverage into the food grade stainless steel container.  The result is perfectly chilled iced coffee, spirits, and other drinks that are unfailingly delicious and ready to enjoy in only a minute.

The HyperChiller cools down beverages with the chilling power of over 30 ice cubes. Yet there is no need for an ice tray. The patent-pending, multi-chamber design surrounds your beverage with frigid layers of steel and ice. Best of all, you can enjoy your perfectly chilled refreshment in only sixty seconds. Once you are done, just return the HyperChiller to your freezer and it’s ready to go the next time you crave an ice cold beverage.



Since all that is required is a freezer, the HyperChiller is perfect for the home, office or any place with a refrigerator. It takes up little space and is a snap to clean up. Save all the time and money you waste by going out to expensive coffee shops for iced coffees when you purchase this state of the art solution to properly chilling beverages.

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