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Swedish Actress Linnea Persson Inspires Movie and Lands Title Role

Actress Linnea Persson
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“If you have passion and approach the entertainment industry as a serious business,” actress Linnea Persson shared, “it will reward you generously.  I have met some of the top people in the industry and I have the honor of working with extraordinarily talented actors.”

“I have a wonderful support team,” Linnea continued.  “That’s one of the essential elements necessary to succeed in this business.  Name any major star who ever made it alone.”  Linnea paused momentarily, looking around the room to see if anyone would respond. “I have my agent, my publicist, and a growing circle of wonderful producer friends.  I surround myself with powerful positive people.  Networking and a ‘go to give, not to take’ attitude are so very important!”

Linnea Persson

Linnea Persson

Linnea had lunch recently with two film producers.  Although they had not met her previously, they were so impressed with her that, before that meeting was over, they offered her a starring role in the upcoming feature film “Fury Scorned.”  Two weeks later, she was presented with a second deal memo from the production company, this time to play a role in the “Cuban Lightning: The Zipper” movie franchise.

Tad Atkinson, Vice President of Cuban Lightning Enterprises, explained: “Linnea’s passion and infectious enthusiasm played a huge role in our decision to hire her.  Her extraordinary talent was obviously a major factor.  We also took into account her previous achievements in award-winning films. She had already demonstrated a history of success and we knew that she was headed to the very top.  Quite frankly, we wanted to capitalize on that.  And we consider ourselves very lucky to have found this amazingly talented lady.  I believe each film she has starred in has won awards and we will be carrying on that tradition.”

“Link Street,” a recent film in which Linnea Persson stars, has won top awards at two film festivals – the BSC and the Indie Fest Film Awards, and was selected for the Independent Filmmakers Showcase Film Festival. The popularity of “Link Street” continues to grow with a number of additional upcoming film festivals set to screen the film, including the prestigious Glendale International Film Festival where the film is expected to pick up additional awards.

“Are You Jealous?” another recent film in which Linnea stars, is a Mindfield Film Festival winner and is now available on Amazon Video.

Linnea Persson emphasizes the importance of networking.  “I had a luncheon meeting with the legendary radio personality, author, and film producer Bob Brill,” Linnea explained.  “By the time lunch was over, Mr. Brill said he wanted to write a movie with me starring, and the title would be ‘The Girl from Sweden.’  I smiled – but he was serious!”

Producer Bob Brill reports, “Our film ‘The Girl from Sweden’ is currently in the final stages of post-production!  Linnea is an extraordinarily talented actress and that’s why she stars in this project.  Her work in ‘Link Street’ and other films directly attributed to their multiple film festival awards.  I’m impressed with our film, ‘The Girl from Sweden,” and I’m convinced it will win many awards as well – thanks to our star who inspired the film, Linnea Persson.  ‘The Girl from Sweden’ will premiere and begin its film festival journey later this year.  We look forward to working with Linnea in many more award-winning commercially viable film projects!”

“To be successful,” Linnea shared, “your focus has to be intense. Never settle for anything less than totally living your dreams.  I want to be an inspiration to others.  It’s all about having a dream and possessing the passion to make that dream a reality.”  She thought for a moment, and as though sharing a very important secret, lowered her voice and added “Always remember to enjoy the journey!”

Actress Linnea Persson

Actress Linnea Persson

Linnea Persson is represented by Chris Montgomery of Prodigy Talent, 7080 Hollywood Blvd., Suite 1100, Hollywood, CA 90028 (310) 462-2310   

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