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H&M Honors Rita Ora with the First Variety and H&M Conscious Award at Power of Young Hollywood Event

Written by Jane Emery

Variety and H&M Honors Rita Ora
You might know the beautiful British Rita Ora from the U.S. TV show she hosts: Boy Band, or from the fact that she’s a top platinum-selling artist, model, fashion designer and singer/actress. But what you might not know her for is for her outstanding philanthropic works.

On Tuesday, August 8th, Variety, in partnership with H&M honored Rita Ora for her outstanding philanthropic work with the first ever Variety and H&M Conscious Award at the 2nd annual Power of Young Hollywood event. This event celebrates an esteemed group of young actors, musicians, digital influencers and more, whom are profiled in Variety’s Power of Young Hollywood issue.

The issue also featured the Youth Impact Report that profiles 25 and under actors, actresses, directors, musicians and artists who have made an impact in the business this year.

Rita Ora accepting Award

Rita Ora accepting Award

Rita Ora, the 26-year-old British pop star and fashion icon is the first ever recipient of the Variety and H&M Conscious award. Ora, who immigrated to Britain as a child from Kosovo, has been active with UNICEF for several years, and was named as an honorary ambassador to Kosovo in 2015 for her work with UNICEF toward helping the country rebuild after the Balkan War.

Rita has also worked with numerous other charity organizations, including amfAR, Sightsavers and the Small Steps Program and most recently the London Fire Relief Fund. She is passionate about worldwide humanitarian crises and particularly the plight of refugees.

“We are thrilled to be honoring Rita with the first ever Variety and H&M Consicous Award. Her extreme commitment to social good and empowering young people to follow in her footsteps is truly inspiring and in line with H&M’s vision for a more sustainable future for people and the planet.” Says Marybeth Schmitt, North Amercian Communications Director for H&M.

H&M has a strong history at the forefront of sustainability. Committed to a socially and environmentally sustainable fashion future for H&M means creating a truly sustainable fashion industry that is good for people, communities and the planet, so that fashion continues to be enjoyed today and for generations to come. Working with their long term commitments to be 100% fair and equal, 100% circular and 100% leading the change, H&M believes in strengthening communities and rewarding like minded partners like Rita Ora for her exceptional work in giving back to people around the world.

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