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Thrive Global Asks Andy Cohen What It Means To Be A Man in 2017

Emmy-winning Bravo TV producer and host Andy Cohen
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“Redefining Masculinity” is an editorial conversation by Thrive Global that investigates ‘What it means to be a man in 2017—and beyond, regarding changing gender roles which are felt to be key to accelerating the culture shift around changing the way we work and live.’

As part of it, Thrive Global is asking a wide range of men across industries, ages and background to answer 6 questions about what masculinity means to them. One of those men is Emmy Award-winning host and producer on Bravo, Andy Cohen.

Emmy-winning Bravo TV producer and host Andy Cohen

Emmy-winning Bravo TV producer and host Andy Cohen

Andy Cohen on TV Dads, the Marlboro Man and Caitlyn Jenner

Thrive Global: How would you define masculinity?

Andy Cohen: The word means different things to different people. For me the word conveys steady strength, stoicism, with some musky ruggedness thrown in.

TG: Who in your life shaped your view of masculinity?

AC: My father, the big three network anchormen, all the TV dads, Redford and Newman.

TG: Was there a particular moment when you felt you’d become a man?

AC: Pubic hair! I was thrilled. I felt like the Marlboro Man.

TG: How has society’s view of men changed since you were a kid?

AC: How has it NOT changed? In the last five years I went from Bruce Jenner using the term “sissy” on my show to interviewing Caitlyn Jenner! Everything is fluid now, and everyone is more able to fly the flag of exactly who they are. And that’s a good thing.

TG: What should children be taught about masculinity?

AC: Children should be taught to be the best versions of themselves.

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This piece is part of a Thrive Global editorial series: Redefining Masculinity. Read more about the project and Why We’re Launching Redefining Masculinity on Thrive Global.

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