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Food Network Judge Simon Majumdar – The Man Behind the Fork

Food Expert Simon Majumdar
Written by Jane Emery

Simon Majumdar may be the cheeky judge you love to hate from The Food Network’s Iron Chef America, Beat Bobby Flay, The Next Iron Chef, Extreme Chef and Cutthroat Kitchen, but there is much more to this renowned food personality. Author, food and travel writer and broadcaster Simon Majumdar is not only a man who’s living his dream and has eaten his way around the world. Rather, he shows what can happen when you break free and follow your dreams.

Though Simon has come to prominence in the United States and internationally, his story starts in England. Like many other office workers, he was unsatisfied with the 9-to-5 routine. This unease, combined with his mother’s death, drastic changes with his employer, and a genuine midlife crisis, moved him to quit his job and pursue his ambitions to “go everywhere, eat everything.”

His journey would eventually claim his life savings as it took him to 31 countries in the span of a year-plus, resulting in his critically-acclaimed book “Eat My Globe.”

Food Network Judge Simon Majumdar

Food Network Judge Simon Majumdar

The “Indiana Jones of the Foodie Set”
In his adventures, he ate thousands of meals spanning the rage of divine and delicious, to unpalatable and unappetizing, but every repast was filled with generosity and pride from the hosts. The people and their spirit filled his memories as much as the food itself, whether they were sharing picnic lunches of passengers on the train from Marrakech to Casablanca, working with a team of meat enthusiasts at the world’s biggest barbecue competition, or sitting down for home-cooked meals in Finland, China, Mongolia, or Mexico.

Simon soon became a popular and well-regarded food writer, with an acclaimed blog, Dos Hermanos, celebrated by both Esquire (UK) and GQ magazines. He also wrote a second book, “Eating for Britain,” in 2010, investigating the ties between classic British food (such as Arbroath Smokies, Welsh Cakes, and chicken tikka masala) to British identity. Once more, he followed the food trail to its roots: the people directly involved with the food, including chefs, farmers, brewers, distillers, fishermen, cheesemakers, and more.

Also in 2010, Simon made his way to TV screens across the United States, when he was selected as one of a trio of recurring judges for the “Next Iron Chef America” program on the Food Network.

Simon proved to be so popular that he was asked to appear on “Iron Chef America” as a judge and on “Best Thing I Ever Ate” (both on Food Network) as a food expert. In addition, he joined the cast of the hit show “Extreme Chef,” also on Food Network. Viewers may know him as the toughest critic on these shows, but they also know he has the experience and taste buds to back his opinions.

Now Simon’s path returns to the printed page with “Fed, White, and Blue, Finding America with My Fork” which hit bookshelves in 2015. In his latest book, he discusses his journey to U.S. citizenship, particularly via food experiences — his preferred method of discovery. The foreword is by Alton Brown, also from the Food Network. The book delivers Simon’s patented mix of culinary expertise and personal relations. Don’t be surprised when you discover the thoughtful, eloquent man behind the cutting critiques. The book is available through, Barnes & Noble, iBooks, IndieBound, and

Food expert and author, Simon Majumdar

Food expert and author, Simon Majumdar

If you know Simon Majumdar from his TV appearances, you can get to know his gift with words. And if you’re already familiar with his writings, it’s time to discover them once again with “Fed, White, and Blue.”

And of course, you can get your ‘fill’ and catch Majumdar in all his glory as one of the top food experts on The Food Network shows.

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