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Get the Benefits of Electromagnetic Therapy Wearing Active Edge T Shirts

Active Edge magnetic t-shirts
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Active Edge products incorporate cutting-edge technology to deliver electromagnetic frequencies through wearable materials which can help improve general health and mobility.

In today’s busy society, many people go through their days feeling fatigued or tired… never feeling 100% alert. Much of this is due to not sleeping long enough or have enough REM sleep. Active Edge has utilized a proprietary technology that has been in existence but never used for physical benefits like they have achieved with their T shirts and bracelets.


Whether you’re looking to relieve pain and inflammation, increase your energy level or just get a better night’s sleep, Active Edge gives you the results you’re after. Best of all its safe and affordable.

With proven clinical trials of participants wearing Active Edge shirts, they were able to achieve the longer and deeper sleep they needed to live a fuller, more productive life; a better, more alert lifestyle as well, due to better sleep. Some people have also experienced a strong decrease in muscle soreness levels. So for all of you who have back necks or backs or if you are just the average gym goer, this will definitely help!

When an Active Edge™ product comes into close proximity with the body, it activates the sympathetic nervous system. This increases blood flow and oxygen intake, while at the same time decreases inflammation, which all helps to improve the functioning of the body.

The benefits are numerous, including (clinical trial where 90% of participants experienced these average improvements):

17% increase in flexibility
8% increase in strength
Increased balance
Increased endurance

This technology is safe with clinical trials being done on over 2,500 people. It has also been tested by the Department of Defense, showing zero negative side effects. Bureau Veritas (a worldwide testing lab) verified the technology and it passed all standards and regulations. The technology is also nonmicrobial.

They also support our Military. From their website:

“Tough Gear, Inc., parent company of Active Edge™ Gear and Survival Straps®, is dedicated to supporting U.S. Military personnel and their families. Our products are all made in America, and 10% of your purchase price on the Special Ops Shirt will go to the Navy SEAL Foundation. Join us, as we support America’s heroes!”


Active Wear products are not recommended for children, pregnant women, or people with pacemakers, defibrillators, and other electronic devices as the possible effects on people in these categories have not yet been fully evaluated.

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