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Dr. Goldstone: The Future of Anti-Aging Medicine – Now!

By Tony Lucero

Dr. Goldstone is a board certified internal medicine physician, medically certified in the area of weight-loss, and a member of the AA of Bariatric Medicine.  The founder of The Southern California Center for Anti-Aging, a physician led center for optimum health. Anti-Aging medicine is a multidisciplinary specialty, which focuses on optimum wellness and longevity via comprehensive preventive health care testing and treatment. It blends advanced technologies for the early dedication of degenerative diseases with wellness and prevention therapies that include lifestyle modification, nutrition therapy, stress reduction techniques, vitamin supplementation, exercise and hormone optimization with Bio identical Hormones.

Dr. Judi Goldstone

Dr. Judi Goldstone

Dr. Goldstone first began her journey into anti-aging medicine around the age of 50 while working for a weight loss clinic.  Dr. Goldstone began to experience hot flashes and exhaustion from a regular days work.  While searching for an answer Dr. Goldstone began to notice there were no other doctors who could treat her symptoms effectively. Knowing her symptoms might be the result of menopause; she began to visit seminars and lectures to increase her knowledge of anti-aging medicine. The results lead to her to ultimately open up her own practice.  Although Dr. Goldstone’s patients are primarily women, she is seeing more men in her practice. Women seem to experience menopause in a more abrupt manner, whereas men start to lose testosterone from around the age of 25, and experience a more gradual change. However male menopause, called andropause, is being seen more, driving men to seek anti-aging medicine. Anti-aging medicine is essentially advanced preventive medicine.  The idea is to find the disease before if finds you, allowing one to age peacefully both mentally and physically.  “No one wants to live a long life if they are sick.” Anti-aging medicine allows a person to live healthier for the remainder of their life. The approach does not necessarily insure a longer life, but does improve health, which in turn can result in a longer lifespan.

Dr. Goldstone is also becoming well known for her individualization, effective weight loss programs. Her unique four-week program allows her patients to lose weight and keep it off. The program is a high protein low carbohydrate diet consisting of 3 small meals and at least 3 snacks.  The carbohydrate count is kept low so the patients start burning their own fat. The diet allows patients to consume 3 snacks, always made up of proteins, throughout the day. Regular store bought foods is what is used for the patients as long as they are aware of what to buy. The program also offers nutritionally designed high quality protein supplements that can be bought from Dr. Goldstone. Following the program patients are able to come in weekly to be weighed and get a B12 Lipotropic injection, which helps them maintain the weight loss and keep energy going.  The diet can be used year round along with the well-designed maintenance program and can be repeated multiple times.

Dr. Goldstone, a medically board M.D. who is certified in obesity medicine, medically supervises the program. If the program is not medically supervised it could cause side effects such as heart irregularities, electrolyte imbalances, or dehydration can occur. Once the four-week period ends patients are put on a maintenance program, incorporating stress management, healthy eating, exercise, and weekly weigh-ins.

The program is not focused on counting calories and can be used with store bought foods. If the program is followed correctly it could also be used while eating at restaurants or traveling to different countries. Different patients have utilized the program incorporating all they’ve learned and have come out successful. A mother and daughter team have lost a combined 100 pounds. Never missing a weigh-in and incorporating each step of the program the daughter has lost about 60 pounds and the mother around 40 pounds. Another patient who followed the program very well, using a spreadsheet to plan out meals for each day, lost 40 pounds and continues to diet.  Having so much energy and feeling great he ultimately introduced his family to the program.

Along with her anti-aging medical approach, Dr. Goldstone’s Four-Week Weight Loss Program has proven to be very successful, changing lives for the better.   For further information visit:

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