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SHOLDIT: The World’s First Scarf, Wrap & Clutch in One

If you have a woman-the-go or a lady who loves to travel on your Christmas shopping list, the SHOLDIT makes an ideal Christmas gift. It may appear to be a lovely infinity scarf on first glance, but wait, there’s much more. SHOLDIT can be worn as a scarf, a wrap or folded up and used as a fashionable purse. And in the age of hands-free everything, the SHOLDIT enables women to finally be hands-free and even purse-free! It has a roomy, built-in compartment that zips to hold keys, credit cards, IDs, cell phone and much more.

In fact, this is where the vision for SHOLDIT originally sprung from. Owner and designer Angela Lee was tired of lugging a heavy purse, digging around endlessly on the hunt for something and the constant worry of leaving it behind by accident or getting it stolen. After losing her passport in an airport and losing a cell phone because she didn’t want to lug a bag around, she thought, “There has got to be a better, more fashionable way!”  She knew she loved the look and feel of a scarf, the security of across-the-body bags, and the simplicity of a clutch, so thus the idea to incorporate all three aspects was born with the SHOLDIT.

With all the new baggage fees for checking luggage on a flight, more and more people are trying to pack all their necessities in a carry-on. That’s why SHOLDIT’s  three-in-one functionality is perfect for a business or recreational traveler because it doesn’t take up much space and provides untold wardrobe accessorizing options.

On a recent trip to Louisville, Kentucky, I had an opportunity to test out the SHOLDIT’s functionality. Because it was near freezing temperatures, my Gray Venom SHOLDIT (in photo above) added extra layer of warmth while I headed off to Churchill Downs, home of the Kentucky Derby. If you’ve ever been to the horse races, you know the bets come on little pieces of paper and if you lose them, you can’t cash them in if your horse wins. I found SHOLDIT’s secret compartment extremely beneficial. I kept my bets, camera, glasses and cell phone in it with room to spare. The SHOLDIT freed me up to cheer my horse on with gusto while sipping on a glass of champagne.

The secret compartment is also ideal when traveling in places that carrying a purse makes you a target for pickpockets and thieves. Even with three bulky items in the pocket, if I wore it strategically, I just looked like I was a little lopsided up top. I can definitely see how my passport and valuables would be secure from thieves as the items are hidden in the folds of the material. Finally, with the SHOLDIT as my newest favorite travel accesories, I’m throwing out my ugly passport holder I wore for years underneath my clothes when I traveled overseas.

SHOLDITs come in many colors and materials to suit your style. Visit for the perfect traveler’s gift of function, fashion and freedom.


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