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Grow Thicker Lashes and Brows with Revolutionary

Crack the code to having luscious, starlet-looking eyelashes and eyebrows once and for all with’s revolutionary lash and eyebrow growing products. requires no prescription, has zero side effects and contains the highest level of beneficial ingredients on the market. They offer 3 different products for your specific needs. Start now and you’ll be batting your lovely, long lashes at all of this season’s festivities.

Lash Extend Formula L-117 Eyebrow and Eyelash Growing ProductsCombat sparse, short, or damaged lashes and help boost the appearance of your own natural set of lustrous lashes.’s Myriplex Technology™ contains 30% unique lipo-peptides. Unlike water-soluble peptides, lipo-peptides are highly biocompatible with skin’s natural structure. The result is the enhanced appearance of naturally darker, stronger, thicker, and more plentiful lashes.

Formulated with ingredients typically found in high quality hair and skincare products such as, hydrolyzed wheat protein, hyaluronic acid, and panthenol, known for their moisturizing and conditioning benefits. Wear morning and night for daily care and visible results.

Lash Extend Primer L-122

A protective lash building conditioner offers a unique dual action formula containing a special fiber system to add the appearance of volume and length beneath mascara. The one-of-a-kind, dark tinted primer compliments both lashes and mascara for a look more natural than other white primers. The silky formula glides on cleanly to individual lashes without clumping for true definition.

Formulated with ingredients known to possess conditioning, anti-oxidant and reparative properties, Lash Extend Primer L-122 acts as a protective barrier. Mascaras, make-up removers, curler devices, and extensions can act as daily aggressors. Care for your lashes by giving them the boost they need to be long, strong, healthy and beautiful.

Brow Boosting Shaper B-216

Combats sparse, over-plucked, or patchy hair, to help boost the appearance of your own natural set of brows. Specially formulated with 15% unique Myriplex Technology™ and other beneficial ingredients to assist in the appearance of full, healthy, shapeable brows.

Doubles as an amplifying complex and clear shaper. The brush and positioning gel work together to hold existing hair in place, allowing for the direct delivery of Myriplex Technology™ along the contour of the brow line. The results are a boost in the appearance of fuller, stronger, more beautiful brows naturally. Shape and defined without the need for pencils or powders.

LA’s The Place wanted to hear it straight from the source, so we asked a few questions about their incredible products:

LA’s the Place: What makes your lash serum different than all the others on the market?


* Disclosed percentage levels of efficacious ingredients.

* Lipo-peptides more easily absorbed than water-soluble peptides.

* Can be used on upper and lower lashes.

* Gel formula does not get into eyes like other watery formulas.

* Dermatologist tested.

* Hypoallergenic and non-irritating.

LATP: How are the Lash Extend Serum L-117 & Brow Boosting Shaper B-216 applied?

CODE.AI: The Lash Extend Serum L-117 is applied morning and night along the lash line just like a liquid eyeliner. The Brow Boosting Shaper is combed through the brow with the brush applicator. The Shaper formula works not only to help patchy or bald brows, but acts as a fixative, holding brows in place to create a defined shape.

LATP: Can your products help restore the look of lashes and brows affected by chemotherapy treatment?

CODE.AI: Yes. Absolutely. is a supporter of the Stand-Up to Cancer organization and is honored to offer a way for patients to enhance the appearance of their lashes and brows. Read first hand success stories on our testimonial section. If you have undergone treatment please consult your physician prior to use.

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  • I use Revitalash for my lashes and have seen amazing results. I have tried every lash thickener under the sun and none worked as well as Revitalash!! Plus a doctor created it so I feel very safe using it.