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Sexy New Cadillac Fragrance for Men Ready to Launch

Mario Lopez found Cadillac Fragrance for Men to his liking.

Mario Lopez found Cadillac Fragrance for Men to his liking.

Celebrities love it. People want it. What is it? Cadillac Fragrance for Men. A bold, inspiring new cologne for men, named for the classy iconic American symbol, the cologne represents inspiration, boldness, captivation, and luxury. The Cadillac name holds dear the opulence and extravagance of classic eras past, and combines it with the luxury and refinement of today. With notes of rare ebony, cloves and incense, tinged with the sparkling aromas of grapefruit and Roman chamomile, and a masculine tact introduced by geranium, tarragon and cinnamon, the men’s fragrance captures the essence of all that the Cadillac legacy represents.

Past and present merge in the stylish black packaging, complete with the recognizable design symbol – a wreath and crest. The scent is light and clean, and has been applauded by both men and women.

Cadillac Has Worldwide Appeal

Beauty Contact Inc. is the global licensee for this classy new line. CEO Alwyn Stephen signed a license agreement with GM to design, develop, produce and market Cadillac fragrances globally. The first line – a men’s fragrance – has been showcased and embraced internationally from Cannes-France, to Singapore and Dubai and to Hollywood. It is set to reach eager U.S. customers in May, 2009.

Celebrities Are A-Buzz

This past year, Cadillac Fragrance for Men made its Hollywood debut at the The elegantly-packaged fragrance has Hollywood interested. Joey Fatone, Randy Jackson, Mario Lopez, Maurice Green, Kristen Chenoweth, Krysten Ritter, Kristina Smirnoff and Anna Lynn McCord are all fans of the fragrance.

Kristina Smirnoff, Kristin Ritter

Kristina Smirnoff, Kristin Ritter

Stars have been happy to share their thoughts about Cadillac Fragrance for Men. At the 2008 Emmy’s GBK Gifting Suite in Hollywood, A-Listers lined up for a whiff of the soon-to-be-released cologne. “I wear other fragrances, but I’m surely going to try Cadillac,” said Neil Patrick Harris of “How I Met Your Mother.” Randy Jackson, American Idol judge, agrees. “Smells like a Cadi, like a new Cadi, smells like a new car, wow!” And every pre-teen’s dream, Kellan Lutz of “Twilight” fame likes it, too. “Cadillac? I love it. It smells really good.”

Joey Fatone, Alwyn Stephen, Randy Jackson, Alwyn Stephen

Joey Fatone, Alwyn Stephen, Randy Jackson, Alwyn Stephen

Not to be left out, many female celebrities felt an urge to wear the new, exciting men’s cologne. Candis Cayne, “Dirty, Sexy Money,” wants to spray some…on herself. “I love wearing good men’s cologne sometimes. This smells great…” Echoes Julie Benz from “Dexter”, “I love it. I’d probably wear it myself”!

So every man can feel high-class and sexy from top-to-bottom, the Cadillac line consists of an EdT spray, after shave, deodorant stick, hair and body wash, along with a travel-sized EdT spray.

Anna Lynn McCord

Anna Lynn McCord

The Cadillac Line

The fragrance is bold, yet light. Says Thomas Dekker (“Sarah Conner Chronicles”) “That’s really nice; clean, crisp and nice…really cool! I just ran out of my Gaultier and this is great!”

Special Bonus

As a bonus to those who order this long-lasting, cleanly-scented set early, Beauty Contact Inc. is offering a free gift with purchase to the first 1,000 people to book the fragrance for purchase or delivery. Visit for details on this special offer.

The People Behind the Cologne

Cadillac for Men is distributed by Beauty Contact Inc., which distributes many leading fragrances, cosmetics, and skin care products internationally. Beauty Contact Inc. was founded by Alwyn Stephen, an expert in international distribution who is renown for marketing in hard-to-target areas. With Beauty Contact Inc.’s reach, this great cologne will be readily available around the world. Cadillac for Men’s exotic, spicy, yet sweet scent will surely to satisfy many men and even many women. Jackie Collins (best-selling author and Joan Collins’ sister), commented, “Mmmm…I like it; smells pretty good. Well, we want our men to smell sexy”!

Cadillac Fragrance for MenSmelling and looking sexy is what Cadillac does. The fragrance was created by Constance Georges-Picot, who received her training in Paris. Her 10 years in the business allowed her to create this powerful, masculine, yet clean scent. Rex Lee of “Entourage” likes it, too. “It’s clean…I would wear it”.

And Jean Smart (“Samatha Who?”) complimented the bottle design. The Frenchman behind the creative bottle is Paris-based Pierre Eisenecker, who fittingly has a passion for beautiful cars. Packaged in a black and white box, the translucent glass bottle is topped off with a sleek metal cap, perfectly rounding out the image of the refined, masculine American lifestyle.

For More Information

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