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How To Think For Yourself

Dr. Robert Anthony, world-renown author and speaker is an undercover secret for some of the most successful people on the planet. His rare combination of street smarts, humor, and "cut-to-the-chase" style makes him one of the most sought after speakers and trainers in the world. He’s been sharing "The Secret" with the world long before it has recently came into vogue! As a matter of fact, he was the inspiration behind it! He imparts this wisdom:

How To Think For YourselfWhy don’t more people think for themselves? Most people just drift through life – desperately looking for authority figures to tell them what to think. They question nothing, and accept everything they are told.

Why have so many people given up their power and settled for a life determined by what others have told them is the “truth”? What ever happened to independent thought? I believe the best way for all of us to actualize our potential is to question our beliefs.

The real reason so many people seem so hopeless, hapless and helpless is they have forgot how to think. Like most of the sheep mentality today, they look for others (especially other groups) to tell them what to think. It’s been so long since they actually thought for themselves, they have simply lost the skill. They no longer have the ability to think for themselves.

Because of the many ‘mind viruses’ people have, they fall into habitual, conditioned thinking. Instead of an actual cognitive thought process, they simple lock into and repeat previous thought patterns. You can see this in every aspect of the world.

A mind virus is like a computer virus. When a hacker sends out a virus and we open or accept the attachment, we are infected with the virus without our conscious knowledge.

This illustrates the way our unconscious minds work. We watch TV, or gossip about a co-worker or our boss, or complain about not having enough money in our life. And that "virus" infects us and the people around us. They go on and on about what their gripes are and proceed to infect several other computers (unconscious mind’s) with their negative programming. Then that causes people to manifest a whole lot of things they don’t want in their lives, all below the level of their conscious awareness.

The solution in the computer world is to keep your anti-virus program up-to-date and let it run in the background. The solution in the place where all of creation begins, the world of your thoughts, is to keep your focus on what feels good to you and the things you want in your life.

With that as your total focus, you naturally avoid things that otherwise would do great harm to your system by infecting you unconsciously. (Like gossip, TV, and negative people who like to complain and tell you their “victim” story”)

If you think about it like that, to do otherwise would be unconscionable. Protect yourself and protect others by thinking for yourself. When you fall prey to habitual thinking of others – your life is heading for disaster. Learning to think for yourself is the first step back towards a satisfying and fulfilling life.

The key success is to only think about and talk about things that are in harmony with your desires and will bring joy, support and positive motivation to yourself and others.

To Your Success,

Dr. Robert Anthony

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