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Here’s What’s Flat Out New On Panera Bread’s Menu This Summer!

Exciting news from Panera Bread, who is releasing their figure-friendly Summer Menu. To add to their already delicious, varied menu, for the first time ever, Panera Bread will be featuring “naan” inspired flatbread sandwiches and fresh, spouted grains just in time to enjoy some cool summer meals.
panara flatbread sandwiches
Inspired by the global travels of Panera’s culinary team, the deliciously new flatbread sandwiches come in a variety of savory flavors and are served on Panera’s version of flatbreads (naan), the traditionally-inspired Indian flat bread.
The new delicious flatbreads (naan) weigh in for a figure-friendly 360 calories or less, so not only are they a delicious and healthy choice, they are great for helping you keep up that summer body you’ve been working so diligently for.
panara new flatbread sandwiches
All the flavor without the sacrifice is what you’ll be getting with the latest Panera Bread flatbread sandwiches. You will be in heaven with the following mouthwatering flatbread flavor combinations.
Panera Bread Summer Flatbread Creations:
Mediterranean Chicken Flatbread Sandwich featuring organic chicken raised without antibiotics, curried lentil hummus, cool feta and cucumber and a fresh, crisp cabbage blend, drizzled with tzatziki sauce and packed on a freshly baked flatbread.
Thai Chicken Flatbread Sandwich includes organic chicken raised without antibiotics, cilantro – jalapeno hummus, a crisp napa cabbage blend and cilantro on a freshly baked flatbread, with peanut sauce and savory Thai vinaigrette.
Southwestern Chicken Flatbread Sandwich features organic chicken raised without antibiotics, black bean hummus, cool feta, a southwest corn blend, a crisp napa cabbage blend and cilantro with BBQ ranch dressing on a freshly-baked flatbread.
Fresh Sprouted Grains
Panera Bread is one of the first restaurant chains in the industry to proudly offer a sprouted grain bread product to their customers. When grains are sprouted, it makes for a much more nutritious bread, and more easily digestable.
This delicious whole grain offering will be included in their summer feature menu as a Sprouted Grain Bagel Flat – a freshly baked bagel flat made with select ingredients that include sprouted wheat, rye, spelt, oats and mixed with whole wheat flour and a touch of golden honey.
Panara Bread's new summer menu
Customers can enjoy a choice of the Sprouted Grain Bagel Flat on its own or part of the Egg White, Avocado & Spinach Breakfast Power Sandwich.
This summer, be sure to stop by Panera Bread and check out their latest summer sandwich creations on their fantastic new flatbreads. No matter what flavor combination you select, you’ll be enjoying a healthy, figure friendly meal with the knowledge that your selection was as fresh and healthy as it is delicious.
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