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SAMPAR Skin Care Products Help Fight The Aging Process

No matter how well you take care of your skin, the environment is always one step ahead of you counteracting all your hard work.?Through pollutants in the? air, toxins attack your face, which leaves your skin stripped of moisture, causing the dreadful aging process to accelerate. With their Urban Active Complex, SAMPAR’s skin care products have set out to fight back and prevent the signs of aging.


Using natural active ingredients and essential oils, SAMPAR has produced powerful and effective products that combat the stress exerted on the skin by the environment and prevent pigmentation, fine lines and wrinkles.?SAMPAR creator, Patrick Sounigo has drawn on his extensive experience in aromatherapy and phytotherapy (the use of plants for medicinal purposes) to create these extremely technologically advanced and luxurious products.

Creating the exclusive Urban Active Complex, composed of a synergistic blend of potent, natural, active ingredients including shea butter, mint leaves and plant and milk sugar, Sounigo has given women the ultimate weapon to combat the harsh environmental factors they face every day.? This hand made blend of high tech and all natural active ingredients? stimulate the skin’s natural defense mechanisms and strengthens cell cohesion, which restores a natural balance and resilience.

Among their vast array of skin and facial products, SAMPAR offers the Age Antidote. This line includes Splendid “Eyes” Elation, Vivid Radiance Serum and the Lavish Dream Cream.?Smoothing away fatigue and wrinkles around the eyes, firming and plumping the skin and boosting the skin’s natural defenses is the goal of these SAMPAR treatments

As a follow up, the Equalizing Foam Peel is available.? Containing a mix of essential oils, Alpha-Hydroxy Acids and the Urban Active Complex, this peel removes dead skin cells and stimulates new cell growth.? As wrinkles fade away, balance is restored to the skin and the natural defense mechanisms are energized leaving skin toxin free, refreshed and revitalized.

As your face isn’t the only area to show signs of the negative effects of the environment, SAMPAR has created the Winsome Body line.?In order to protect the skin from external aggressions, these products are infused with aromatic fragrances and premium active ingredients such as biopeptides, vitamin C, antioxidants and essential oils.? Including the Dew it Again Shower Gel, the Joyous Body Milk and the Lap of Luxury Sea Scrub, this line of body products is sure to keep your skin fresh and protected from the outside world.

If you’re going away and don’t have room in your suitcase for all your products, SAMPAR offers a Good Weekend Kit for your convenience.? This easy to pack kit contains five essential products including Velvet Cleansing, Skin Quenching Mist, Equalizing Foam Peel, Nocturnal Lifting Masque and the Ultra Hydrating Fluid, so you don’t have to interrupt your skin care regimen while away from home.

Taking care of your skin is important and SAMPAR offers an advanced and natural way to do it.? For more information on how to prohibit the environment from aging your skin before it’s time, go to

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  1. lisa poole

    please send me more info on sampar products
    i lost my distributor

    Skin by lisa marie
    36 a Main St
    lockport ny 14094
    716 433-3321

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