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Comfitude Weighted Comforters for Better Quality Sleep

Jimmy Steindecker and Comfitude with Spike Lee
Written by Tyler Emery

Most people’s number one complaint is not getting enough good, quality sleep. Many experience high stress levels during the day and over-thinking at night which prevents them from sleeping and getting a good night’s rest. People spend a fortune in sleep aids, even medication. But a solution may be as simple as what Comfitude is able to achieve.

Comfitude helps reducing anxiety while increasing calmness and achieving deep, quality sleep. Using a weighted cover of about 10% of your body weight creates Deep Touch Pressure Stimulation (DTPS). DTPS triggers a similar central nervous system reaction as being held. The more calm your nervous system is, the better quality sleep you have.

Comfitude uses the same concept that the medical community has used to help patients with sensory issues and autism. Gentle pessure has been shown to increase serotonin and melatonin levels while decreasing the stress hormone cortisol which all helps you sleep much better.

Comfitude founder Jimmy Steindecker, (rt) with associate
Lary Bismuth at the 2019 GBK Golden Globes Gift Lounge

We recently met the founder of Comfitude, Jimmy Steindecker, when he was invited to bring Comfitude to the 2019 GBK Golden Globe Gifting Lounge. We wanted to find out more:

LATP:  What drew you personally to devoting a business offering weighted comforters?

Jimmy Steindecker: I’ve had trouble sleeping through the night in recent years and a friend recommended that I try a weighted blanket.  It helped me sleep so much better that I thought since many people have trouble sleeping, why not try manufacturing them and help others?  I always wanted to manufacture a product that could have a positive impact on other people’s well-being.

LATP: How did sleeping with these comforters make a difference in your life?

JS: Not only did I start sleeping through the night, but because I achieved a deeper, better quality sleep I am more energetic during the day.

LATP: Do you ever get too warm?

JS: No, our comforters are designed for weight and not warmth.   It does not make me feel any warmer than the time I used a regular comforter.

LATP: You were recently invited to a Golden Globes gifting lounge. How did celebrities respond to Comfitude?

JS: Most were not aware of this product before and responded very enthusiastically.

Comfitude is a premium-grade, therapeutic weighted blanket or comforter that utilizes the scientific power of deep touch stimulation to gently and effectively distribute deep pressure across your body. Comfitude weight sizes are dependent on your weight; your size would be 8-15% of your body weight. It mimics the feeling of a light hug all night long.

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