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This Tech Device Is Small and Cute, But What Does It Actually Do?

Written by Timothy Werth

As a society, we’re pretty attached to our devices. The Palm promises to be a companion to your smartphone that could actually curb your screen obsession, but does anyone actually need this non-phone?

Approximately 395 iPhones are sold every minute — and our digital addiction probably won’t be satisfied any time soon. That said, there are times when we don’t want to be quite so attached to our phones. If we’re going away for the weekend or want to forcibly detox a bit from tech, we momentarily might be tempted to tuck our phones away or leave them behind completely. The problem with that is that we don’t really know how to survive — particularly in the event of an emergency (or even just an urgent situation) — without them.

Palm, an adorable device measuring just 3.3. inches, could be a solution for some. But before you jump to conclusions, the Palm isn’t actually a phone. It may look like a doll-sized version of your Android, but it doesn’t actually do everything your smartphone does.

Actually, it’s meant to be a complementary device. It works with the Verizon-equipped phone you already have. You can add it on to your phone plan (for a cool $350 — plus $10 per month for connectivity) and set it up to share your existing mobile number. Basically, it can read texts, play music, and do all the basics without offering the same distractions your regular smartphone does. It’s not quite a basic flip phone, but it’s good for when you want to go out to dinner or go on a day trip without being bombarded with technology.

The other selling point is that it’s small enough to fit in any pocket — even the ones that women are forced to deal with. Although 1,240,000,000 pairs of denim jeans are sold worldwide every year, the pockets in women’s jeans have been proven to be significantly smaller than those found in men’s jeans. The majority of popular denim brands don’t make pockets for women that are big enough to hold an iPhone, in fact. Even though the Palm won’t replace your bulky smartphone, it can be a welcome option for women who are tired of carrying around a heavy purse and just want to keep their tech in their pocket.

Still, most people may not really see the point of the Palm. After all, an Apple Watch can handle a lot of the same tasks and can easily be worn on one’s wrist. It’s certainly an interesting concept, and there’s no doubt that Verizon is trying its hardest to convince customers of the Palm’s value. But whether the non-phone accompaniment will actually catch on is another story. Instead of buying yet another device, it might be more cost-effective to change one’s behavior and limit one’s screen time.

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