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Gac Functional Wellness Water is a Fountain of Youth in a Bottle

Written by Jane Emery

Gac-infused Functional Water
People who want to maintain beautiful skin constantly look to external applications to do this, such as beauty products,  laser treatments,  even surgery. But the secret to beautiful skin comes from within.

For younger, supple skin and that radiant glow, the company, GacLife, looks to nature. Utilizing a holistic approach, they created a delicious drink derived from an ancient superfruit, gac, which is referred to as “fruit from heaven” and only found in Southeast Asia.

Gac Functional Wellness Water

Gac drinks provides antioxidants including high amounts of lycopene and beta‐carotene—the dominating antioxidant carotenoids in human blood and tissues; also lutein, zeaxanthin, vitamins A, C, E, and other healing compounds that naturally occur in gac.

Gac contains the most concentrated source of antioxidant carotenoids. Antioxidant carotenoids are bioactive compounds that our bodies need to thrive and build defenses against environmental pollution, UV radiation damage, and cell damaging free radicals that age our skin. They help prevent deterioration of the collagen and elastin—the structural proteins in our skin to keep it firm, elastic and plump — and also boost collagen regeneration. This slows the aging process. Antioxidant carotenoids effectively hydrate skin, smooth fine lines and wrinkles, and even skin tone.

Each bottle of GacLife has 20mg of carotenoids: the equivalent of one head of cabbage, 5 large tomatoes, 15 large carrots, and 30 bunches of spinach. This is whole food that is a holistic way to feed our cells, as opposed to artificial supplements and vitamins, which are not usually fully absorbed by the body.

Gac Functional Wellness Water

Gac Functional Wellness Water

GacLife teamed up with scientists and experts in the field to develop tasty sparkling and still drinks derived from the gac fruit.

While a healthy diet does wonders for your entire body, fruits and veggies that contain antioxidants like carotenoids vitamins B and E and are particularly great for skin. The naturally high concentrations of lycopene, beta­carotene and vitamin E in the Gac Fruit help promote smooth, healthy skin and protect it from sun damage. Lycopene and beta­carotene have been found to help protect the breakdown of collagen in the skin and therefore help prevent the signs of aging. They naturally help to reduce damage to the skin’s tissue by protecting it against oxidative stress and helping to maintain soft, smooth, healthy skin.” – Jimmy S. Firouz, M.D., FACS and Anti-Aging specialist.

Just a few sips a day is a convenient and highly effective way to assist the body in expelling toxins that our skin and body absorb on a daily basis. Gac fruit has been consumed for hundreds of years and is coveted for its holistic healing potential. Thanks to GacLife for rediscovering this superfruit and developing a functional and easy solution to meet the demand for effortless beauty and drinkable skincare.

Not only does Gac prevent wrinkles and anti-aging, it also protects your eyes from the effects of computer and cell phone screen-light and UV rays.

With only 15 calories per bottle, it has zero-added artificial sugars and is a guilt-free drink that has amazing effects on our health, skin, vision, and ability to fight free radicals. Gac is available in six flavors: lemon, pineapple, peach, sparkling mango, sparkling lemon, and sparkling passion fruit. For more information or to purchase Gac Functional Wellness Water, go to:

Gac Functional Wellness Water

Beauty from the inside out — Gac Functional Wellness Water

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