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OnePiece Work Launches in Santa Monica

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On July 12, 2018, OnePiece Work held a grand opening ceremony at the joint office in Santa Monica. This is the first joint office of OnePiece Work in Los Angeles after San Francisco, Palo Alto, San Jose and Santa Clara.

The guests included OnePiece Work CEO Vickey Li, Founding Partner of UpHonest Capital, Wei Guo, event partner and new retail company B8ta, executives of Cloud HR listed company Trinet, Yamibuy, stationed company Lime Bike, company founders, and press representatives.

OnePiece Work CEO Vickey Li

All the speakers and guests said that the opening of OnePiece Work’s coworking space has brought new strength and vibrance to the Los Angeles entrepreneurial ecosystem in Silicon Beach.

At the event guests enjoyed cocktails, horderves, gelato, networking, and a speech from the CEO and other key team members which was inspiring and showcased OnePiece Work’s offering.

The location of the OnePiece Work coworking office is just a short walk from Santa Monica Beach. Santa Monica is one of California’s most famous beach cities and was named one of the top 10 beach cities in the world by National Geographic magazine. The building of the OnePiece Work Santa Monica office was originally built in 1958 and has been continuously upgraded and refurbished in recent years.

OnePiece Work’s office is located on the second and third floors of the building. The creative-driven design is especially ideal for creative and technology companies.

OnePiece Work also offers different solutions for every business with different budgets and working styles. Bluestone Lane, Merdocino Farms, Chase Bank are all located on the first floor of this popular building.

OnePiece Work  is a shared co-working space, which connects global business professionals and leading entrepreneurs. They are a trend spotter that specializes in finding and connecting entrepreneurs who have a hunger for greatness and a desire for global expansion.

OnePiece Work redefines work space, serves from global incorporations to freelancers and start-ups. With the rapid growth of the sharing economy, the future workplace is no longer office buildings, homes, or cubicles, but rather a community where people with different backgrounds to inspire each other, innovate and share ideas and resources.

OnePiece Work combines businesses across industries, creates comfort space for everyone enjoy in work and social together.

One Piece Work founder Vickey Li. Vickey has more than 7 years of experience in real estate operations and has worked as a senior consultant for Vantone Group and Swire Group, the top real estate companies.

Less than two years after its founding, OnePiece Work’s data has achieved historic growth. More than 200 companies from different industries have stationed in; more than 500 events have been held, working with companies such as Baidu, IBM, Intel, etc.; attracting more than 30,000 elites from around the world, 73% of whom are experts in the venture capital industry; OP Work will connect the company with the industry resources, and realize the great vision that 100% of the stationed enterprises get investment.

At present, the total market size of OnePiece Work is about 28 billion US dollars.

OnePiece Work

631 Wilshire Blvd 3rd floor

Santa Monica, CA 90401

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