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Meet the People Behind Some of the World’s Most Stylish Products

Meet the People Behind Some of the World’s Most Stylish Products
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When we buy an amazing new product or gadget, we are probably so focused on its innovative features that we might forget that someone actually took the time to invent it. With that in mind, let’s take a look at three of the most inspiring entrepreneurs of our generation and some of the stylish items that they created.

Steve Jobs and the iPhone

When people think of the Apple company, what comes to mind is usually their state of the art electronics that have the latest bells and whistles. Of course, the guy behind this innovation is the late Steve Jobs, who Entrepreneur notes was an incredibly creative person. Jobs understood quite well that a company that does not continuously look for ways to innovate and improve would become obsolete. Rather than resting on his laurels and thinking, “I’ve invented the most amazing smartphone ever and I can stop now,” Jobs was always using his creativity to take his already incredible products and make them even better.

great example of this is the iPhone 7, which is available from a number of retailers like this one. Instead of leaving the traditional headphone jack, as was the case with the previous incarnations of iPhones, Jobs worked hard at evolving his iPhones over time, removing the headphone jack and letting people use their own Bluetooth headphones instead. Apple also included an adaptor for people to use until they came up with a Plan B; this way, they could still use their new iPhone 7 right out of the box.

James Dyson and the Bagless Vacuum

If you have ever heard the expression “necessity is the mother of invention,” this definitely sums up James Dyson, head of the Dyson vacuum empire. Dyson’s father passed away when Dyson was young and he often helped his mom around the house with chores, including vacuuming. As Dyson recalls, he despised removing the dust and dirt-filled bags out of their vacuum, as well as the loss of suction of conventional vacuum cleaners. As an adult, Dyson came up with a solution to the problem that he found so vexing as a young boy — the bagless vacuum. This one device helped launch a company that now brings in $3 billion a year selling plenty of vacuums and other products including air purifiers and hair dryers. You can find a number of Dyson bagless vacuums at local retailers and online, including the Dyson DC33 Multifloor Bagless Upright Vacuum that is available at Walmart for about $200. This model is designed for all floor types and features “hygienic bin emptying” that allows you to release the dirt with a push of a button.

Stuart Weitzman and the successful shoe empire

Stuart Weitzman is a shoe designer and founder of his eponymous shoe company. Weitzman determined that it costs him around $8,000 to get a new customer into his store, based on the amount he paid for public relations, advertising and marketing. If a woman came into his store and left without buying anything, Weitzman felt he lost that $8K. As a result, if new styles were not popular with shoe testers, he had no problem pulling them from the store. During his career, he strived to design shoes that were not only sexy but also “stylishly comfortable” and along the way he designed footwear for Beyoncé and Taylor Swift. Rather than focusing on creating budget-friendly shoes that were attractive only in their price, Stuart Weitzman was not afraid to offer some of the most expensive shoes in the world, including the famous one-of-a-kind pair of sandals that were encrusted with 464 diamonds and an 18-carat diamond in the middle.

Be Inspired by Your Products and Their Creators

The next time you are shopping for a stylish and innovative new product, you might take the time to research who created it in the first place — who knows, maybe you can even let this information help you decide which item to buy. From the creativity of Steve Jobs, the problem solving of James Dyson and the dedication to high quality of Stuart Weitzman, we definitely have lots to learn from the creative forces behind some of the coolest items money can buy.

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