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GBK’s 2017 Primetime EMMYS Celebrity Gift Lounge Brands

Sofia Milos wearing Erica Cuini shoes on set of her new show.
Written by Jane Emery

For over a decade, GBK has provided a brilliant marketing opportunity for companies, from well-known, high-quality brands, to inspired start-ups to gain exposure on an unprecedented level through GBK’s highly sought-after gifting lounges. These are the brands and sponsors that presented at the GBK Celebrity Lounge for the 20Primetime EMMYS.

Pilot Pens

Actor John Savage with Pilot Pen

Blooming by MBG
Talk about cutting edge! Blooming is the “must-have” anti-aging, high frequency facial massager with LED light therapy that stimulates collagen, tightens skin and reduces wrinkles, using their vitalizing Phyto Serum that visibly lifts and tones skin. The high-frequency feature was designed to stimulate the renewal of skin cells, and the device sends delivers electronic pulses to the face tissue triggering a contraction of the muscles.

Pandora Vanderpump gets a demonstration of Blooming at the GBK Celebrity Lounge for the 2017 Emmys

Pandora Vanderpump gets a demonstration of Blooming at the GBK Celebrity Lounge for the 2017 Emmys

It covers every aspect need to renew your youthful looks! Blooming combines Korean holistic wisdom with anti-aging technologies! By BH MBG Global Branding.

Blooming Anti-aging device from MBG

Blooming Anti-aging device from MBG

Bullets 4 Peace, a unique jewelry line using spent bullets to create beautiful jewelry that promotes peace and compassion, is offering their stainless steel “Hand-in Hand” bracelet, where part of the proceeds will go to benefit the Hand-in Hand hurricane relief efforts and organization. Go here to shop these gorgeous pieces for peace!

EMMY Nominee Mo Collins and hubby

EMMY Nominee Mo Collins and hubby posing with their beautiful symbolic piece from Bullets 4 Peace.

Guests got to squeeze in a bit of pampering with Burke Williams, who was onsite and also gifted a luxurious 3-Day Spa pass, Custom Blend Certificate, Conservtory/Garden Room Service, and Buff.

Burke Williams Day Spa

Stephanie Beatriz gets a Burke Williams hand treatment

Texere Silk, a Connecticut-based global sourcing company gifted silk pillowcases and men’s and women’s silk pajamas. They offer elegant and artistic clothes with influences from around the world. They are a socially responsible and ethical sourcing company Check out more great designs. They have it all. TexereSilk

Texere Silk

Texere Silk

Enrico Cuini shoes have a proprietary patented technology called ALIA (Active Lift In Alignment) to make even high heels more comfortable with a dynamic support system.IG: @enricocuini

Sofia Milos wearing Erica Cuini shoes on set of her new show.

Sofia Milos wearing Erica Cuini shoes on set of her new show.

iMaxAlarm has our safety and well-being in mind! Guests were gifted their personal security alarms that attach to your keychain like a key fob, and, when activated, MaxAlarm emits an ear-piercing 130dB siren which will panic the aggressor and alert others that you need immediate help. They also showcased their new watch alarms launching shortly.

Brett Dalton of S.H.I.E.L.D. takes the Pledge.

Brett Dalton of S.H.I.E.L.D. takes the Pledge

Each celebrity in attendance took the pledge to #StopStandSpeak against Street Harassment with iMaxAlarm. To find out more, and to see their newest launch of iMax watches, visit: iMaxAlarm

Mission Belt is an evolution in belt design, style and function that provides a perfect fit for everyone; comes in leather, nylon and now canvas strap varieties with a variety of buckles to give customers the option to mix and match for their own unique combinations.

Reign Media's Tyler Emery with Mission Belt

Reign Media’s Tyler Emery with Mission Belt

Art Naturals is a state of-the-art electric cool mist oil diffuser that enables you to create a relaxing atmosphere in your home or office space. It uses 100% pure essential oils Essential oils are uplifting, balancing and elevate your whole vibration…body, mind and soul. They kill germs, promote better sleep too. Turn your private space into your own personal sanctuary!

Two Gypsy Souls offers one of a kind, hand-made, vintage and upcycled rock and roll clothing, keeping the rock classics alive.

Two Gypsy Souls

Two Gypsy Souls

Guests enjoyed cocktails courtesy of Award-winning Ving Vodka, distilled from farm fresh corn, and is infused with rich, peppery undertones of kale, lemon peel and cucumber, handmade in small batches, and is organic and gluten-free.  Silky-smooth and delish!

Ving Vodka creator Flo Vinger with associate.

Ving Vodka creator Flo Vinger with associate.

Eva Gems & Jewels passion is colored, quality gemstones. She travels to different locations around the world to search out her beautiful gems. Eva Gems and jewels is gifted up to a $500 discount for ready-to-wear and custom made jewelry.

Eva Gems & Jewels

Actress Julie Ann Emery with Eva Gems & Jewels

Sailrock Resort is a part of Sailrock South Caicos, a thoughtfully planned, exquisitely-designed, eco-conscious community situated on untouched South Caicos land that offers opportunities for tranquility, adventure and discovery for connoisseurs of authentic experiences by celebrating and preserving the natural beauty and spirit of island life.

You can eat pizza! Cali’Flour Foods features a crust made of only 4 ingredients, the main on being cauliflower! They were sharing samples their delicious cauliflower crust pizzas with only 180 calories in the entire crust! They gifted a year supply to each guest. To try some for yourself, or get more info go to:

SNL's Leslie Jones and veteran actor John Savage share some Cali'flour pizza

SNL’s Leslie Jones and veteran actor John Savage share some Cali’flour pizza

Crown of Light showcased their branded proprietary and patented 90-facet diamond cut. As your basic diamonds have a flat top, Crown of Light features a dome shaped top and is designed to produce more scintillation than other diamonds.

Actor Luke Cosgrove with Reign Media's Tyler Emery

Actor Luke Cosgrove (The Mist, Shiver, The Girlfriend) (left)

Bodacious Events & Concierge is that extra hand in making your daily life easier, and also a professional resource to help with events and more. Bodacious Events & Concierge is a full-service concierge that helps with day-to-day time consuming projects, and also can help you create unique and spectacular events. They have 25 years combined experience in the events and concierge industry. They gifted three hours of complimentary services along with a custom design board for any upcoming event of choice.

Boneshia Perri, owner of Bodacious Events & Concierge Services

Boneshia Perri, owner of Bodacious Events & Concierge Services

Caribbean Living Magazine gifted lucky guests an all-inclusive stay at Hotel El Ganzo. Caribbean Living is the luxury travel magazine that takes readers beyond the beach. Check out their amazing packages here:

Caribbean Living Magazine

Chateau Boswell Winery is a boutique family owned winery in St Helena, CA, the premiere appellations in California where these varietals grow at the highest quality. They were pouring Chardonnay, Pinot Noir and Cabernet Savignon from their collection.

ChateauBoswellWinery.comThey were featuring there Coravin Wine preservation unit. Insert it directly into the cork without ever opening the bottle. Keeps out oxygen. The wine you want, the amount you want- without ever pulling the cork.

The Nartey Group – Author/Realtor Kofi Nartey gifted signed copies of his book “Sellebrity and a Sellebrity tee-shirt talked about his celebrity and athlete luxury real estate services.

Tyler Emery with "Sellebrity" author Kofi Nartey

Tyler Emery with “Sellebrity” author Kofi Nartey

Guests also received Argan Oil Shampoo and Conditioner , a luxurious volumizing, moisturizing combo, which is sulfate free and gentle on color-treated hair.

Vita Cup Coffee

Vita Cup Coffee

Vita Cup delivers your caffeine fix with a mix of the good vitamins you need. They gifted Coffee and/or Tea Pods, two 16-count boxes of vitmin infused , sample pack, and $50 Gift Certificate to redeem online.

Anthony Anderson helping DJ Jesse from PRISM DJs to keep the groove going!

Anthony Anderson

Au Mieux Mini Solar and Lunar Serums, one designated for day, one for night, gifted a micro-batched set made of organic wild-harvested ingredients; these serums ultimately supplement the skin’s natural healing process.

Au Mieux


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