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Nomadic State of Mind Handmade Sandals

Nomadic State of Mind Handmade Sandals, JC in Black
Written by Jane Emery

Your soles may be the window to your soul, and Nomadic State of Mind might help you free it.

A Tradition is Back
Purveyors of handmade sandals, the company was started by Chris Anderson in the late 1990s, handling business from a 1969 VW bus, in the spirit of all the legends of the counterculture. Nomadic State of Mind has blossomed from these grassroots beginnings to now employ more staffers, artisans, and distributors around the world.

The signature sandal from Nomadic State of Mind came from a random meeting between Chris and a small community in Nicaragua in search of a reliable source of income after enduring a rough stretch. Chris taught them to make sandals and married the technique to a business model rooted in fair trade, ethical practices, and a simple philosophy: Do it right.

That was more than a decade ago, and despite the expected pains and discoveries of those early years, Nomadic State of Mind has only grown from there. The signature sandal has inspired various forms of rope art (recycling sandal scraps), from handbags to water bottle carriers to rugs and more, all available for sale. But some things never change: The business began with sandal shops at outdoor music festivals around the country, and even now, festivals are a major destination for the crew every summer.

Nomadic State of Mind Handmade Sandals, JC in Black

Nomadic State of Mind Handmade Sandals, JC in Black

The trademark sandals are available for all sexes and all ages, and in a variety of colors and styles. The Romano sandal mimics the style of the ancient gladiators, while the platform double-decker JC offers a little extra height when you want a boost. The San Juan sandal looks more like your go-to flip-flop, and you can even get them with Vibram soles now for extra comfort and support.


Nomadic State of Mind uses organic cotton and recycled fabrics for its clothing line, and Chris’ travels and photography have inspired the prints in use. Surfers, travelers, and free spirits should especially enjoy the designs and messages.

The philosophy of Nomadic State of Mind has stayed consistent: If it is done right in the beginning, it will last a long time. Nomadic State of Mind is built to stick around. Catch the wave!

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