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The Aquarium of the Pacific and Harbor Breeze Cruises Offer Whale Watching

Aquarium of the Pacific
Written by David Atmajoana

The Aquarium of the Pacific joined with La Espada to offer whale watching. The focus of this years whale watching programs have been blue whales. The largest animal to live on earth, Blue whales come to feed off the southern California coast each year. There are about 2,000 Blue Whales in the southern Californian region. During the this season’s kick off cruise, whale experts discussed the seasonal arrival of the endangered blue whales, and explain how aquarium experts can identify whales that are denizens to our waters.

Along with the arrival of whale season, the Aquarium of the Pacific is celebrating biologist and educator Katelyn Sullivan for her selection as a 2017 AltaSea Nautilus Ambassador to sail aboard the exploration vessel Nautilus during its 2017 expedition. She will join other selected educators as they conduct deep sea research in the eastern pacific ocean.

AltaSea at the port of Los Angeles is an organization that accelerates scientific collaboration, facilitates job creation and inspires the next generation for a more sustainable ocean. With their 35-acre campus and direct access to the deep waters of the pacific ocean. AltaSea brings people and organizations together to expand science-based understanding of the ocean.

The nonprofit Aquarium of the pacific is home to more than 11,000 animals. The organization also is provides a community to celebrate diverse arts and explore the important challenges facing our planet. The Aquarium is dedicated to conserving nature by building interactions between nature and people. The Aquarium of the Pacific was given a 4 star charity rating in 2016 by Charity Navigator.

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