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The Breast Whisperer Bra by Dr. Brian J. Eichenberg

The Breast Whisperer Bra
Written by Jane Emery

Here’s a secret every woman can relate to: We don’t like to wear bras when we don’t have to. Often, it’s the first item that comes off when you get home. But that isn’t the case with the Breast Whisperer Bra. Designed by Dr. Brian J. Eichenberg and designer Ankur Chakraborty, the Breast Whisperer Bra was created to be worn all day and night. This seamless bra is so comfortable, you won’t even notice when you have it on. Best of all, it helps offset the natural force of gravity to keep your bosom looking its resilient best.

The Breast Whisperer Bra

Dr. Eichenberg is a renowned plastic surgeon who has performed thousands of breast augmentations and other surgeries. When he heard from his patients that they were having finding good bras after their procedures, he teamed up with designer Ankur Chakraborty (who brings multiple fashion degrees and experience designing for celebrity brands) to create a bra that would offer equal parts support and comfort, while at the same time counteracting nature’s forces.

Of course, you can wear the Breast Whisperer Bra whether or not you’ve had plastic surgery. The bra offers the same effects for everyone. You may especially appreciate it as nighttime bra. It’s comfortable enough that you can sleep it, thus gaining an extra eight hours of support each day and ultimately maintaining your breasts’ bounce and profile.

If you are a full-figured or a well-endowed woman, you’re likely familiar with the challenge of finding a bra that meets your needs in both comfort and support. Currently they offer S, M and L. I was told XL was going to be available soon. Double-check the size if you’re very big-busted.

The Breast Whisperer Bra

The Breast Whisperer Bra

Dr. Eichenberg was motivated in part by his work with breast cancer patients seeking breast augmentation after treatment. Thus, a portion of the proceeds from the sale of the Breast Whisperer Bra will be donated to breast cancer patients and research.

Isaac Newton changed the world when he formulated the theory of gravity. Dr. Eichenberg and Ankur Chakraborty strive to do the same – at least for women – with the Breast Whisperer Bra. OK, that might be an exaggeration, but ladies have certainly been looking for the combination of ease and utility – that is, a bra that both feels good and does its job of keeping our breasts looking their best.

The Breast Whisperer Bra offers lift and comfort while at the same time resisting the effects of gravity. It feels so good you won’t mind wearing it around the clock – because you won’t notice you’re wearing it at all. Whether your breasts have been augmented or they’re natural, the Breast Whisperer Bra is the fountain of youth you’ve been looking for in bra form. Give it a try. You may never go back to your old underwire. The Breast Whisperer Bra just might be the bra you’ve been waiting for.

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