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Lingerie for Everyday – Flaunt your Jewel Toned Shapewear

Everyone prefers a slimmer silhouette, but realistically, it’s not that easy to maintain. Even if you keep fit, we find we can always use a little extra “support.” It’s a gal’s best kept secret, including celebrities.

Until now, shapewear was something that we did our best to hide. Until Jewel Toned came on the scene and changed the way we ‘view’ our shapewear. It’s “Perfect for women who make their own rules.”

jewel toned shapewear

Jewel Toned is a hip line of shapewear that you’ll actually want to wear. It’s layer-able and versatile and comfortable. It serves a purpose besides just holding everything in place. It looks great as outer garments and comes in an array of gorgeous “jewel-tone” colors.

Jewel Toned

CEO of Jewel Toned, Rachael McCrary is a formidable figure in the Intimate Apparel Industry, having begun her career with Victoria’s Secret, and moved her way up to Vice-President of Design at Maidenform, before launching Jewel Toned.

Meet Rachael McCrary, and hear about Jewel Toned:


Celebrity fans, including Amy Schumer and Lena Dunham both slipped into the shape wear for their Hollywood Reporter cover shoot. Aubrey O’Day has flaunted Jewel Toned on Instagram.


Photo Credit: The Hollywood Reporter

Jewel Toned is multi-functional shapewear that can be worn on the go for either work or play. Instead of being self-conscious about wearing shapewear, with all the different gorgeous colors and styles, you’ll proudly wear it and look sexy doing it.

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