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McCoy Ltd. From Japan Develops Outstanding Line of Skin and Body Products

From Japan, McCoy Ltd. introduces a very special line of luxury skincare treatments to keep your face and body looking young, healthy, and balanced. Imagine slimming gel that sculps your body, and a cream that increases the size and firmness of your breasts, even lips! Now, for the first time, McCoy is available to anyone in the United States who wants to look beautiful from the inside out. This is not just another skincare line!

President of McCoy Ltd., Rie Arai

President of McCoy Ltd., Rie Arai at the Oscar Gift Lounge in Beverly Hills, California, sharing the new Non-F Monster slimming beauty gel.

McCoy has presented the line at several prestigious award shows, including the Grammys, the Oscars, and the Cannes Film Festival (the first Japanese company at the French gala), where celebrities snapped up the goods.

McCoy was borne out of a desire to give their spa clients beautiful outstanding results, and this line was developed out of that. The products were so effective, that they naturally caught fire in Japan, and customers in the United States are now clamoring for them here.

The star of the show that set this company on fire is the wildly popular Non F Monster Body Massage Gel Cream, which breaks down cellulite, improves metabolism, promotes blood circulation, and relieves muscle pain and swelling. This product literally sculpts your body and reduces stubborn cellulite when rubbed into your skin. I believe they call that the “Magic Pill in a Bottle”!

Another star of their line that is exciting many women is the Boob Make Gel. The special ingredient, Anemarrhena Asphodeloide Extract approaches directly to fat cells. Plumping, sizing up by increasing and differentiating fat cells. Yes, this product plumps, firms and lifts breasts! You can also use it on your eye wrinkles and lips to plump them up.


The McCoy Skincare System: This five-step line takes you through cleansing, moisturizing, protecting and more, to help you present your best side to the world.

STEP1: Cleansing Oil
STEP2: Shabon Roller (Soap) (⇒You can wash not only your face but also your body.)
STEP3: Faceline Lotion
STEP4: Idol Faceline Cream
STEP5: Hyalu Moisture Cream

It starts with Non F Idol Faceline Cleansing Oil, made with Japanese citron (yuzu) containing rich phytochemical oil, which promotes the turnover of old skin cells and prepares for the emergence of a new layer. Pump out a quarter-size dollop to your dry hand, massage gently in a circular motion, then rinse.


Next comes Non F Shabon Roller, which cleanses dirt from your face while protecting it from drying. The rich, thick lather removes the dirt and buildup, but also balances your oil and moisture levels.


Follow up with Non F Idol Faceline Toner, to awaken your skin and wipe away remaining residue. The toner is specially formulated so that no components are larger than 02nm in size, to get through cells openings sized at 15nm. In fact, McCoy has patented its ionization technology, which delivers necessary beauty components directly to the cells for the fastest response. Congrats, you now have a clean face and the perfect palette to work with.

Of course, moisture is the key to a youthful appearance, and McCoy offers two options to keep that dewy glow. First, there’s Non F Idol Faceline Cream, which minimizes pores and facial lines. The cream improves the turnover of skin cells and plumps up fine lines and wrinkles; it also encourages the production of hyaluronic acid and collagen cells, both vital to fresh, pretty skin. In addition, it includes vitamins to help reduce the appearance of pores on your skin, and it can be applied to your décolleté, neck, and face.


While Idol Faceline Cream does the active work of revitalizing skin cells and tightening pores, Hyalu Moisture Cream takes care of the everyday moisture and hydration on the surface. Used as part of the McCoy line, the moisture cream will keep your skin soft and supple for up to 8 hours.


For an extra boost, McCoy offers Pottery Skin Moisture Night Cream. As its name suggests, this works best while you’re sleeping, as the blend of fermented Japanese citron, herbal medicine, and microscopic ionized minerals combine to treat any wrinkles, age spots, sagging skin, and dryness on your face.

Japanese boxer Kosuke Saka has incorporated Non F Monster into his conditioning, and his endorsement points to wider use of McCoy among men, including professional baseball player Tsuyoshi Nishioka, professional cyclist Takumi Sonoda, and professional beach tennis player Natsumi Hamamura. Saka says he felt less muscle fatigue and lost weight, crediting Non F Monster with the change when used with the proper massage techniques.

Japan has introduced many technological and aesthetic breakthroughs to the United States over the years, and McCoy extends this history with its Faceline skincare system. With its patented ionization technology, McCoy delivers valuable nutrients directly to your cells as you clean, moisturize, revitalize, and protect one of your most valuable assets: your face. Best of all, this happens under the surface, without any extra effort by you.

Science aside, all you need to know is that your skin will look fresher, younger, and smoother than ever before in a few easy steps. Trust us, your confidence and well-being are worth the time and investment.

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