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DewStop™ Fanswitch: Make Your Fan Smart

Making sure the outside of your house is maintained to protect it from severe weather damage is common practice. But what about checking on weather damage on the inside of your house too? As the most frequented room in the house, it is important to be aware that your bathrooms could be experiencing severe weather damage as well.  Severe moisture from condensation creates an unhealthy environment that mold and bacteria thrive in.

Keeping Your Bathroom Mold-free

With DewStop™ Fanswitch, you can keep your bathroom’s condensation level under constant surveillance.  DewStop™ uses similar technology to monitor temperature, humidity and dew point that meteorologists use for weather prediction.  This sensory software helps stop unhealthy mold and bacteria from growing on your bathroom walls and ceilings.

Smart & Green Fanswitch

DewStop™ finds the room’s condensation level and prompts your fan to turn on or off making it energy efficient. There will be no more family quarrels over who left the bathroom fan running, as DewStop™ turns your fan into a smart fan with an affordable and easy to install single switch.

To find out more about how it can work for you and your home, visit: www.dewstop.com.

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