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Hollywood Calls on YouTube Sensation Dave Days

YouTube phenomenon Dave Days has been taking the world by storm!  The incredibly talented singer, songwriter and guitar player has been doing parody songs and videos since 2007 when he discovered the world of YouTube, and has had a captive audience ever since. Internet celebrity search engine ranks Dave Days #7 in the world of Internet entertainers, and that ranking is bound to move up as his following is increasing daily. This rising star recently moved from his hometown of Wawa, Pennsylvania to Los Angeles, California where he is sure to make his mark. LAsThePlace was lucky enough to catch up with Dave Days recently, capturing his first Los Angeles interview.

Dave used to make popular videos of himself singing to a cardboard cutout of Miley Cyrus while singing parodies of her songs. The funny videos were such a hit they even caught the attention of Miley Cyrus herself. His most recent Miley video entitled, “My Last Song for Miley Cyrus” features pop superstar Cyrus visiting Dave Days. The video starts with Miley gushing to Dave, “Oh, Dave you’re so cute and so funny, I’ve watched your videos from the very beginning, I love you so much, how would you feel about a kiss?” but of course, Mr. Days is dreaming. The video then goes on to reveal Dave Days and his skilled band backing up their heartbroken friend who interacts with his Miley Cyrus cardboard cutout for one last time. At the end, Miley Cyrus herself stands behind the cardboard cutout and surprises a daydreaming Days. The video has had over 5 million views on YouTube.

Miley Cyrus states in an interview with Access Hollywood that she decided to meet Dave Days and be in his video after her sister got in contact with him because she was a fan of his work. Miley was promoting her movie The Last Song, and Dave pitched “My Last Song for Miley Cyrus” (a parody of her song The Last Song from the movie soundtrack) to Disney after they emailed him asking if he wanted to meet Miley, and the video was born. Dave’s song on YouTube has received more plays than any other video regarding the movie by well over 3 million views. You can find Dave Days all over the web, on MySpace, Facebook, Twitter and of course on YouTube. Dave has made it clear that no matter what fame comes, his home will always be on YouTube and he will always connect with his fans there.

Miley Cyrus on Access Hollywood with Billy Bush discussing Dave Days:

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