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Sustainable LA at Silver Lake Film Festival 2007 – How Film and Music Can Save the World

Noticed the price of gas lately? Worried about the environment and whether we will continue to have one in ten year’s time? Want to join in on the movement toward saving the earth while keeping your usual citywide focus on film, fun and always getting to a great music festival? It’s your lucky, eco-savvy, fest-finding day!

With more than 200 narrative and documentary features, short film and videos, Los Angeles will host the 2007 Silver Lake Film Festival from May 3 through May 12.

It will be the seventh time that LA’s leading independent-alternative film and arts festival will continue its annual tradition of environmentally-conscious programming with a centerpiece event, Sustainable LA.

Sponsored by Urban Lifestyle Magazine, Whole Life Times, this multifaceted eco-expo will feature films without preachy or purely philosophical tones that instead exhibit hands-on, how-to primers about what we can contribute to making a greener society and more sustainable environment. The symposium will include a panel discussion with leading Hollywood environmentalist actor-activists, Daryl Hannah, Alicia Silverstone and Ed Begley Jr.

Most exciting is the opening gala event which present the West Coast premiere of director Hal Hartley’s latest film "Fay Grim” starring Parker Posey and Jeff Goldblum. Among the festival honorees will be Jonathan Dayton and Valerie Faris, co-director of 2006 award-winning sleeper hit “Little Miss Sunshine.”

Running parallel to the film event will be Music Fest, featuring music documentaries and live performances in an intimate club setting kicking off with legendary band, Circle Jerks. Set to follow are recording acts Dengue Fever, 400 Blows, Sea Wolf and The Bird and The Bee.

With the movies, music and symposium devoted to inspiring personal and political commitment to ecology, Sustainable LA’s goal is to show attendees how their contributions can turn urban areas into healthier places in which to live. At the same time the program’s mission is to empower citizens in combating ecological issues that affect all people across the modern world. So get into that Prius, get to the festival and go green!

The symposium and after-party on May 6 are free to the public. More info available online at

Opening Night Gala – Thursday, May 3rd
"Fay Grim"and the Circle Jerks!

The 2007 Film Festival and MusicFest kick off with two "must-see" events on Thursday, May 3rd. The Los Angeles premiere of "Fay Grim" – the latest feature by Cannes Film Festival -winning filmmaker Hal Hartley’s, and starring Parker Posey – is the focus of the Opening Night Gala presentation, starting at 7:30 pm at the Barnsdall Gallery Theater. Director Hal Hartley & actress Parker Posey will be on hand for an audience Q&A and to accept their respective Spirit of Silver Lake Awards. Also that evening, a rare screening of the seminal punk rock film, "The Slog Movie," starting at 7:30 pm at the EchoPlex with a special appearance by Circle Jerks founder Keith Morris. Then, things get really crazy for the Opening Night Gala Party beginning at 9:30 pm at the EchoPlex with a live music concert headlined by the legendary Circle Jerks!

Awards Gala – Saturday, May 5th
Honoring Jonathan Dayton and Valerie Faris!

Coming off their unprecedented success with "Little Miss Sunshine," Hollywood hottest co-directors – and coolest couple! – join us for a very special Awards Gala Presentation. Before they became the toast of the film world, Jonathan Dayton and Valerie Faris tore up the music scene with award-winning videos they created for the Red Hot Chili Peppers, REM, Oasis, Beastie Boys and The Smashing Pumpkins. The evening’s program will present a selection of their best music videos at the Barnsdall Gallery Theatre. Jonathan and Valerie – along with special surprise guests – will be on hand to accept their Spirit of Silver Award and participate in an audience Q&A. The evening continues with a catered affair at the neighborhood’s hippest new restaurant, Asia Los Feliz. 
Centerpiece Gala – Wednesday, May 9th
"Letters of the Underground II"!

Four years ago, Silver Lake impressario Joshua Triliegi produced a critically-acclaimed original production for the festival. "Letters of the Underground" was a collection of short films, each by a different filmmaker, all constructed around communiques by card-carrying members of "the underground." Triliegi returns with Part Two of his ongoing exploration of figures on the fringe as a new collective of filmmakers bring to life famous letters from the likes of Jimi Hendrix, jazz musician Mezz Mezzrow, muralist David Alfaro Siqueros, novelists John Steinbeck and William Burroughs, and more! Following two screenings at the Barnsdall Gallery Theatre, the evening continues with a catered party at Hollywood’s outre underground club, King King.

Closing Night Gala – Saturday, May 12th
John Doe and "X: The Unheard Music"!
Has it really been 30 years since X emerged onto the Los Angeles underground music scene? In its first decade, the band helped to define the evolving punk genre and influenced a generation of bands to follow. The festival’s Closing Night Gala is a tribute to this seminal music tour-de-force, beginning with a rare screening of the definitive documentary about the band, "X: The Unheard Music" at the EchoPlex. Director W. T. Morgan will participate in an audience Q&A along with very special guest John Doe – X co-founder and frontman. John also will be honored with a Spirit of Silver Lake Award for both his contributions to music and now in his latest incarnation as an actor in indie films. The evening continues with a live concert of contemporary punk bands "playing tribute" to X. The Gala wraps with simultaneous parties with DJ Assault cutting the turntable upstairs at The Echo and those lovely drag artists of Dragstrip vamping it downstairs at the EchoPlex.

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