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KarmaThreads: Good Karma’s New Clothes

KarmaThreadsWould you like to dream, hope, laugh often and love more?

Of course you would.  And with inspiring thoughts like these, who could resist wearing those words up front by slipping into the new hip t-shirts from KarmaThreads, a positive messaging apparel company with a mission to give back across the globe.

Fusing vintage flair with contemporary design, KarmaThreads first line of women’s t-shirts have been launched just in time for Valentine’s Day on February 14. Which means you just found a special gift for the one you love, while contributing to the lives of others less fortunate.

Through donating a portion of proceeds from all apparel items to specific charities, KarmaThreads founder, Rhonda Lee, wants to provide shelter and support for at-risk youth, homeless kids and teens-in-need across the country by funding programs that build self-esteem and encourage responsibility.

“Growing up I was surrounded by family who went out of their way to give back to the community. Now it’s my turn,” says Lee. “With my daughter as my partner in design and concept for all KarmaThreads apparel, I get to share with her my desire to make a difference.”

Lee researched and identified two nonprofit organizations that were in line with her goals- The New Outlook Teen Center, based in Portsmouth, Exeter N.H., and Standup for Kids, based in San Diego. Both foundations are directly connected with KarmaThreads belief in guiding today’s youth by implementing positive messages of belonging, independence, resilience and social responsibility.

By hanging threads of “good karma” in your wardrobe, the future looks bright for generations to come…showing us that in the end, what goes around actually comes around, to give to us all. 

To purchase items and to learn more about the charities KarmaThreads supports, you can visit their website at

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