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Yana_Berlin.jpgIt?s no surprise 40 is the new 30, given the fierce fabulousness of many women born in the sixties and seventies. Despite looking good, however, unique but common emotional and physical challenges still face women in this life stage.

A new social networking website, poised to be a destination for women of a certain age, wants to catalyze its members to celebrate and embrace their life. is a sorority of women supporting each other online and in person as each navigates an often tumultuous time where college-bound kids, changing relationship dynamics, career transitions and life reflection dominates.

?Who couldn?t use more girlfriends saying ?You can do it!? and ?I believe in you!??,? asked founder Yana Berlin. Berlin, a dynamic businesswoman with a thriving custom jewelry design business, had the idea for the site after she sought the kind of unconditional support online that she?d received for years from her girlfriends and female relatives.

Finding sites that focused on negative aspects of aging and other sites not geared to her life stage, Berlin wanted to create a virtual sorority that focused on 40 and beyond as a rich time where women could embrace their creativity and enhance the quality of their lives.

Group.jpg?This time in a woman?s life can be treacherous, and she can completely lose herself in the demands of others: romantic partners, kids, aging parents, employers. allows her to take a breath, connect with others, explore herself and her interests, and re-charge her psyche,? said Berlin.

Since its launch in March, 2006 the site?s niche appeal has been justified, with hundreds of new members each month. features articles and forums on important and relevant health, relationship, career and financial topics. Free membership to the site comes with a personal email address. There is a marketplace for retail therapy and blogs from Berlin and select members where they sound off with tips and tricks for fabulous living.

?Our culture is so youth-oriented. Fabulously40 is perfect for me because it recognizes that as a 44-year old woman, I am complex and want to connect with other women like me,? said member Sunni Tabrizi. ?This site is ripe with advice and support that?s meaningful and respects me and my experiences.?

As the site evolves, Berlin says she has much planned to keep the bonds of 40ish fabulousness strong.

Untitled_2.jpg?I?d like to expand the site?s blogging function for members since sharing a unique voice is empowering and our members have a lot to say. Also, opportunities exist for Fabulously40 entrepreneurs to use their membership on the site to reach out to others with their products and services,? said Berlin. ?Woman at this stage of life have so much to offer each other! is the premier social network where women can come and find their fire and passion.?

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