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Actor Jeffrey Decker Celebrates New Role

Actors Jeffrey Decker and Don Smith

Charmaine PR celebrated actor Jeffrey Decker’ birthday and a new chapter of Jeffrey’s career, a leading role in the new Samuel Goldwyn film this past week at the Argyle.

Jeffrey Decker is a well-versed individual with accomplishments across industries. Before his passion for acting, Jeffery was a multi-sport athlete going on to play basketball in college.

Actor Jeffrey Decker at Charmaine Blake's celebration for his new role and birthday.

After sports, he spent several years studying the business of film and TV which brought him on screen to the Cannes Film Festival for the short film Soar Like a Wave.

Actors Jeffrey Decker and Don Smith

Actors Jeffery Decker and Don Smith on the red carpet at the Argyle

After the successful feature, he was brought on to small TV roles and now to the big screen. It was a night well celebrated for the young actor and his achievements with many more to come.

Hot 100 girls at Jeffrey Decker celebration

The night included culinary snacks by Sexy Kitchen and a special appearance by social media Hot 100 Girls.

Model Kate Usmanova at Jeffrey Decker celebration

Model Kate Usmanova on the red carpet to celebrate Jeffrey Decker’s new role

As the night went on, more and more stars hit the red carpet. Stars in attendance were Keyshia Cole, Craig Moses, Corey Calliet, Marhsall Hilliard, Jacqui Holland, Mindy Robinson, Natasha Alam, Jay Hunter, Donna Derrico, Rachel Sterling, Shanica Knowles, Noel Gugliemo, Billy Macnamara, and of course Jeffrey Decker.

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