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Electric Sky Wine – Borne Out Of Music

Electric Sky Wine

Get ready L.A.! Following a successful launch in New York, Texas, and major music festivals nationwide, Electric Sky Wine has its debut in the Los Angeles area. The company is based in the US and is expanding internationally over the next 2 years.

Electric sky Wine

Founded two years ago and is enjoying an explosion of success, Electric Sky Wine is single-serving premium wine that comes in a unique 750mL bottle that snaps into four pre-filled, shatterproof glasses of wine, which are 100% recyclable and BPE free.

Electric Sky Wine

Electric Sky Wine is sourced from select vineyards in the French Languedoc, Italian Veneto, and California wine growing regions, and is great wine! Personally, I’m very picky with wine, and I loved every one of these.

Electric Sky WineThe idea to offer quality varietals that are most popular with today’s younger, premium wine consumers in convenient, single serve, stackable portions was launched in partnership with with Interscope Records, the Santa Monica-based music company that is home to some of the world’s biggest musical acts. Interscope Geffen A&M is a part of Universal Music Group, the world’s largest music company. Electric Sky is the first premium, consumer-friendly wine born out of music!

With four easy-to-sip varietals: French Rosé, Italian Pinot Grigio, California Moscato, and California Red Blend, this was the perfect missing link at music festivals and beyond.

Designed for an on-the-go lifestyle, Electric Sky allows consumers to enjoy their favorite wine anywhere. Picnics, the beach, barbeques, parties…and no need if you’re the only wine drinker; the single serve glasses are perfect without having to open a whole bottle.

Daniel Sena

As the Head of Strategic Marketing at Interscope Records, Daniel Sena has been responsible for engineering some of the biggest partnerships between musicians and brands, and has been responsible for the creation and launch of Electric Sky Wine that’s taking the music and festival circuit by storm.

Daniel Sena joined food writers and influencers at LA’s Wolf, where we got to try all four wines that were paired with wonderful dishes, as he shared very interesting info about this great brand.

An Idea Who’s Time Has Come

In the last year, over 14.7 million Millennials attended at least one music festival, making Electric Sky a natural fit for popular music festivals and events. The wine has proven to be a hit at festivals such as Governor’s Ball, Meadows, North Coast, Bonnaroo, SXSW, and many more, far outselling wines in traditional glass bottles.  “Music is such a seminal part of Electric Sky’s DNA,” says Daniel Sena, Head of Strategic Marketing at Interscope Records.  “In so many places where music is consumed, wine is also consumed. So, our goal was to create a premium wine that could complement the music lover’s on-the-go lifestyle.”

The wines are now available in stores throughout the region and will appear at industry tastemaker events and festivals throughout the summer.

For more information about Electric Sky Wine, and the LA area carriers, please visit

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