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Swag for Kids in the Secret Room Gift Suite Bag for the Golden Globes

Secret room gift suite

More great swag for kids in the Secret Room Style Lounge takeaway bag, in honor of the 2016 Golden Globes…

Great School ISSUE shoes for boys. Sturdy, classic. Give them a good ‘footing’ in life early!

School Issue Shoes

Kidz Entertainment, Inc. gifted their 3-in-1 Cuddly-Fun multifunctional plushie. This adorable dog is a muff (hand warmer), a handbag and a plush brown dog Washable and adorable!


Wendy Gross Almasanu, a graphic designer and Sondra Gross Mansfield, an industrial engineer, created and developed Chalk of the Town – a markable and erasable t-shirt, with the help their children, ages 7-14. [youtube][/youtube]

KidzInc Entertainment gifted their Color and Wear T’z (Includes 6 washable and non-toxic markers)


AromaBaby provided Baby Bath Gel with organic Lavender and Chamomile and Pure Hair Cleanser with Organic Geranium.



Today’s Emoji PEZ!



POP ROCKS Popping Candy 3-pack – entertainment for your mouth!

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