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My Skin – Formulated to Heal and Prevent Ingrown Hairs After Shaving

My Skin Secret Sauce

My Skin is a organic skin care alternative that caters to all your aftershave needs. Founded by cosmetic professional Corey A. Williams, the company provides an all natural treatment for razor bumps and ingrown hair prevention that appeals to all occupational demographics.

My Skin Secret Sauce

With over 20 years of cosmetic experience under his belt, Williams has styled a plethora of celebrities in the film industry including Ice Cube and Floyd Mayweather. He dedicates his passion into solving skin problems caused by all forms of hair removal.

Formulated by top professionals well-versed in Barbering and Cosmetology, they use organic ingredients which include Tea Tree Oil, Black and White Willow Bark Extract as well as Vitamin E to help drastically heal and repair both your skin and your looks.

Regular application of My Skin care products has been proven to leave the user’s skin rejuvenated and good as new. My Skin covers a variety of different skin imperfections, from ingrown hair to acne, and post-shave inflammation treatment.

With simple instructions as well as easy application to the skin, there really is no other solution out there to beat what My Skin has truly mastered. My Skin is 100% barber-certified and 100% barber-recommended and has the best quality signature solutions for the everyday buyer.

With over 4 different anti-inflammatory infusions and bacteria fighting properties, My Skin equalizes out the PH balance in your skin and allows the organic solution to work its magic above, as well as below the surface.

They offer several different solutions for all skin types which makes it virtually impossible to not find the care you need here. My Skin also offers state of the art revolutionizing solutions that has become increasingly popular among top actors and models when preparing for films and photo shoots because of its aesthetic abilities.

These proven solutions have received multiple awards just like they had been in 2015 when awarded Estheticians Favorite by LCA, it has also been featured in SELF Magazine as the ‘go-to aftershave product’ for its readers.

It is not always about the quantity of skincare solutions that you apply, but about the quality that is used. It is not necessary to buy designer brand applications when My Skin provides an equal, if not better topical treatment for a fraction of the price. And it’s organic.

My Skin can be found in your local spas, clinics, waxing salons, and beauty supply retailers or online at

My Skin products are available in in liquid treatment forms, roll-ons, and cream applications; retail ranges between $10.99 and $29.99.

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