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McCoy Co., Ltd. Amazing Slimming Gel Non F Monster makes American Debut in New York City

McCoy Co., Ltd. of Japan is a successful skin care company known for their advanced technological and innovative luxury skincare products that keep your face and body looking young, slim, healthy and balanced. They began as a highly-popular spa, and out of a desire to give their clients the best results, they created their landmark product, Non F Monster Gel.

Non F Monster has become hugely popular with both celebrities, famous athletes and beauty contestants around the world because of its ability to slim and sculpt the body. Non F Monster contains a special permeation mineral technology that McCoy developed that stops fat cell production and stops fat cell differentiation. It is different than anything else on the market. The actual results users have achieved from this product are stunning.

McCoy’s Non F Monster Gel uses plant-derived minerals and 100% natural ingredients. With the permeation mineral technology, minerals are absorbed into human cells and directly softens stubborn cellulite and melts it away, resulting in a sculpted, beautiful body.

McCoy Co., Ltd. has clinical data to prove that Non F Monster cream decreases body fat percentage, improve basal metabolism, quality of sleep and immunity.

Non F Monster is great to slim the waistline and entire body. But even when you are at your ideal weight, as we age, stubborn cellulite collects on our upper arms and thighs that, no matter how much we exercise, we can’t get rid of it. Non F Monster breaks down and rids your body of this cellulite in a short period of time.


How Does This Work?
Normally, mineral cannot be melt into water but McCoy’s technology has succeeded to melt into water and the size down into 0.2-0.7 nanometer low moleculer. Minerals have a very important role to deliver necessary ingredients to human cells and promote the elimination of waste. The permeation mineral is absorbed into skin rapidly and effectively.

Fascial release

For best results, McCoy recommends using Non F Monster product along with a ‘Fascial Release’ treatment. Fir the first time, this is available in the U.S., in New York City: Venus McCoy NYC Salon

The fascia is the covering of the muscle, a structure of connective thin tissue that surrounds our muscle. When the fascia is tight, the muscle’s don’t function properly and this causes the muscle to shrink. Stubborn cellulite is then generated, which is difficult to lose. Fascia release is treatment that corrects the fascia tightness, allowing the muscle to go back to it’s natural form. The chemistry rights itself. So, when Non F Monster Gel is used in conjunction with Fascial Release treatment, the results are stunning and dramatic.

Incredible results combining Fascia release treatment with Monster NonF Gel.

Incredible results combining Fascia release treatment with Monster NonF Gel.

McCoy Ltd. has over 4000 salons throughout Japan using their products in conjunction with Fascia Release treatment. Non F Monster has become so popular in fact, it has been the official authorization cosmetic of Miss World Japan 2014 and 2015.

mccoy nonf monster

Now Available in the U.S. for the first time:
Up until now, this amazing product has only been available in Japan. McCoy is now expanding into the American market, its first salon in New York City, specializing in Fascial Release’ treatment using Non F Monster Gel. They also sell it at their salon. Go here for more info: Venus McCoy NYC Salon

Non F Monster Gel has great supporting ingredients such as phytochemicals that strengthen the immune system, act as an antioxidant, is slimming, is anti-inflammatory and moisturizes the skin.

McCoy NonF Monster

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Venus McCoy NYC Salon
Address:  818 Ave of the Americas #2, New York, NY 10001
TEL (917) 588-8270
Owner: Ms.Yuka

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