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Finally, a Foolproof Skin Color iPhone App Matching System for Foundations

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Your latest makeup secret is … your iPhone? MatchCo combines breakthroughs in beauty and technology to present your most attractive face. With the use of the iPhone app, MatchCo helps you find the perfect color match for your skin tone for your most effortless and luminous look.

Beauty starts with the skin, and MatchCo wants to bring out your natural beauty. Using your iPhone, you simply photograph/scan your face five times. MatchCo technology then captures your exact skin tone and creates a personalized formula for your everyday application. In fact, scan your skin throughout the year to check on changes in your complexion – MatchCo can whip up a new bottle in no time flat.

MatchCo Flawless Foundation.

MatchCo Flawless Foundation.

MatchCo’s My Perfect Complexion Custom Tinted Hydrating Formula not only provides flawless, unique coverage, it also adds luminosity, depth, and character to your look. This combination primer/moisturizer/color formula feeds your skin with hydration and natural ingredients, never masking your most alluring traits.

MatchCo mixes ingredients like Bisabolol, a form of calming chamomile, green tea extract to quench free radicals and reduce inflammation and a highly effective form of vitamin E to rejuvenate and revitalize skin for a natural, dewy glow. In addition, you’ll find peptides for your hydrating needs as they minimize fine lines and wrinkles. Ceramides too prevent water loss and deliver deep moisture to bolster the skin’s protective barrier against bacteria and pollutants. Finally, a host of antioxidants cut down on signs of aging, pampering and treating irritated skin while upping collagen production. The bottom line: It’s still your skin, but the best version of it.

Application couldn’t be easier. Simply take a small amount of the product and smooth it out across your face, with additional applications where needed. Because of MatchCo’s precision, you’ll never need to apply it with a brush or even a sponge.

MatchCo owes its bold moves to its founders startup roots. Andy Howell and Dave Gross came from custom T-shirt company Zazzle, where they worked on unique projects with Nike, Reebok, Timberland, and Levi’s. Now they bring their expertise in one-of-a-kind orders to solve one of the biggest makeup/skincare dilemmas plaguing women. Their fresh perspective makes so much sense, it’s shocking to think no one thought of it before.

MatchCo is only partially about the technology. Mostly, it’s about bringing out women’s natural beauty on their own terms. Got an iPhone? Then you too can look your best, minus the fuss of trying out shade after shade of coverage. That’s the MatchCo promise.

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