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The “Left Coast Holiday Gift Guide” Exclusive Brands by Consumer Product Events

Consumer Product Event “Left Coast Holiday Gift Guide,” with an exclusive group of products for press who are gathering content for their annual holiday gift guide editorials and new product pages.

Valleau Apparel
As a former NCAA gymnast, Katie Valleau founded Valleau Apparel in 2013. She believed that athletic apparel should be just as unique as the individual who is wearing it. Therefore, each of her pieces has a different story behind it, and really allows the person wearing it to show off their own style.

Valleau Apparel

Valleau Apparel

Valleau Apparel prides itself on being different from their competitors and is not focused towards any one athletic activity. Katie designs all of the pieces herself in San Diego and even hand picks the materials that she knows will compliment women best. Valleau Apparel advocates for a healthy lifestyle in a comfortable and fashionable way.

Anam Caras
A custom fine art print series of Gaelic “guardian spirit” fantasy animals, which are thought to carry healing powers of love and compassion.  California-based artist, Colleen Stratton, has developed an alphabet series featuring these adorable, whimsical creatures with kind eyes and bushy, mop-top hairdos.

Anam Caras

Anam Caras

From Ananda to Zana, the sweet animal creatures range from slender necked fin-footed horses to elegant dolphin-like sea animals, candy-striped antelopes, luxe fox-tailed mice, benevolent purple fire-breathing dinosaurs and powerful rainbow winged animals. The “Soul Friends” come together to spell names and inspirational words, such as love, hope and joy, and bless children of all ages.

Self-proclaimed scent-ologist, Jennifer Hardaway, has had a love affair with fragrance for as long as she can remember.  From a young girl fascinated with Mr. Sketch-scented markers and Japanese “smelling erasers,” her keen nose has morphed into an entrepreneurial inspiration with the launch of the KleanSpa body care line.

Klean Spa

Made primarily of sugar, moisturizing oils and beautiful scents, the KleanSpa moisturizers, scrubs, polishes, hair-care is engineered to engage the oldest of human genetic material; our scent memory. Her brick and mortar store located in Burbank, California even includes a scent-blending bar.

Not Ketchup
Move over, tomatoes: There’s a new kind of ketchup in town. Not Ketchup, created by an award-winning Los Angeles food blogger, Erika Kerekes, features a new line of gourmet fruit “ketchups” made from cherries, blueberries, dates and figs.

Not Kethup

A finalist in last year’s Martha Stewart’s American Made Awards and a nominee this year, Not Ketchup was inspired by Kerekes after taking her burger-loving boys to a pick-your-own cherry orchard. The sauces are certified Paleo-Friendly (no white sugar or corn syrup!) and gluten free. Fruit “ketchups” are trending on restaurant menus, but Not Ketchup marks the first line of fruit “ketchups” on grocery shelves.

Pod Tune
Pod Tune is an inspired musical collaboration between humpback whales songs and acclaimed ambient composers from around the world. The Pod Tune album weaves together the ethereal beauty of whalesong with human instrumentation and voices to create an original and accessible ambient compilation designed to enhance any listening environment.

Pod Tune

The mission of Pod Tune is to connect audiences to mythic undersea realms and to channel funds to support ocean vitality.

Custom designed luxury handbags by Master Leather Artisan, LuLu Comora. Comora’s leather salon, described by clients as a “candy store for ladies,” was created to provide luxuriously designed, wholly unique, made-one-at-a-time, handbags for today’s lifestyle.



Bolux treats women to exquisite, unique, high-end quality designer handbags made in the USA and doesn’t require a two-year wait.

According to a recent Michelin survey, 76% of respondents said they know how to change a tire, but only 42% of that same group could identify the proper first step (loosen the lug nuts).

Fix a Flat

Founded in a garage in central California, close to numerous mountain biking trails, Slime created a high demand for “the green slimy stuff” to repair tires.

Slime Fix a Flat

Slime Fix a Flat

Since then, Slime has grown into a company that exports its products to 36 countries and is the leader in tire sealant and tire repair technology.

Snack it Forward
From the trusted name in fruit for over 120 years, Sunkist, Snack it Forward has created a new movement of snacks centered around freeze-dried fruit. Freeze-dying was first discovered by the ancient Incas atop the Andean mountains, the process has now been perfected by NASA. The state-of-the art variation of this technique is used in Snack it Forward’s new line, “Fruit 2.0.” Freezing, pressure, and drying is done with specialized machines that remove over 95% of the fruit’s moisture, it gives food a crunchy texture while maintaining a vast majority of the food’s original qualities.


The freeze-dried snack movement supports the continuously growing number of our nation’s snackers.

Brave Chick
An uplifting, positive collective that empowers every woman to be her authentic self.  The brainchild of a female physician with a penchant for fashion and women’s wellness and a fashion designing mom, the pair create captivating high quality jewelry that inspires inner beauty, strength and individuality.

Brave Chick

Brave Chick

The line includes super cool hand and body chains, chunky bejeweled necklaces and name plate necklaces with positive affirmations.  Brave Chick gives back a portion of the proceeds from every sale to a nonprofit organization with a commitment to the fight against domestic abuse and violence.

O.R.G Skincare
When former rugby player Brian Park sought a solution to rid stubborn sun damage from his years as an athlete in the sun, he came across a Korean skincare product that not only did the trick, but inspired me to bring to light-years-ahead skincare technology to the US. His LA-based O.R.G (Open Research Group) Skincare line exploded as he became part of already burgeoning American appetite for the incredible skincare products coming out of South Korea. He even attracted Rachel Zoe to do a product collaboration called “X” which is included in her Box of Style. The line includes brightening mineral peels, exfoliants, body lotions, oxygen/ collagen cleansers, charcoal detox bars, and uses a play on words tagline:Beautiful Skin. Pure Seoul.

Deborah Lindquist
Known as the “green queen,” this eco-couture designer has attracted clients like Jessica Alba, Rihanna, Christina Aguilera and Pink to her LA-based atelier. These celebrities have rocked her designs on every major red (and green) carpet in Hollywood.  Lindquist creates luscious and edgy apparel, accessories, and home décor out of a mix of fabrics, from rescued cashmere to military silk parachute creations. At the event, Lindquist will be showcasing her new line of cashmere emoji sweaters and her signature bustiers, ultra-feminine shrugs and wedding gowns, a line of t-shirt wear, slinky dresses and casual women’s pieces.

ShoeCandy by Kara Mac
From the mind of former Ralph Lauren designer, Kara Mac, come ShoeCandy – a line of Brazilian leather, designer shoes in classic styles (flats, pumps, boots, and sandals) that can be customized instantly. Wearers can style their shoes with a variety of interchangeable accessories – including heel covers and toe clips – and change the look of their shoe whenever they want.  Beautiful animal skin prints, such as python and tortoise, create classic daytime looks. While those with rhinestones and metallics create perfect evening styles. Kara Mac’s sandals include an extra customizable feature – interchangeable t-straps with fun daytime options, such as colorful flowers, and elegant night time designs featuring hand set crystals. Create an entire shoe wardrobe that goes from beach to charity ball without spending another $500.

SHE Beverages
This libation is a hot and upcoming celebrity driven beverage maker who’s SHE Beer boasts a Cali Citrus Amber called Dirty Blonde, a German Dopple Bock named Brunette, a Red Intense Lager known as Curvas, and a 99-calorie American Lite Pale Ale dubbed Slender. SHE Beverages also manufactures “The Supplement H20,” which is a line of sugar- and caffeine-free formulated vitamin waters. With names such as Empower, Hydrate, Yoga, Cleanse, Spirit, Green, Life, Rejuvenate, Endurance, Fit, Radiant and Energy, this line of waters strive to promote the overall well-being of women.

SPF Addict – After 30 years as a cosmetic dermatology RN and hospice nurse treating patients with sun-damaged skin, Marina Arnold designed a fashion forward line of clothing with organic fibers that carry sun protective factors and a UPF rating of 50+. The women’s line looks like something out of Bergdorf and includes luscious wraps and ponchos; the light jackets could easily be mistaken for Burberry styling. The line includes t-shirt dresses, terry tops, long-sleeved, caftan, swing and dolman-sleeved t-shirts, structured zipper skirts and a men’s line of button downs and t-shirts. A portion of all proceeds of SPF Addict benefit ACS, Relay For Life, and several other charities.

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